Best practices to take picture from camera or upload an image of part. Better the picture more accurate the results:
1. Hold the camera as close as possible so entire part is visible.
2. Use rear camera to take a picture. We support camera flip feature to take better pics from rear camera on phone browser.
3. Take the picture of part in frame only. Ideally there should not be other objects in frame. Your fingers/hand, other objects around the part in picture may reduce accuracy of search results.
4. It’s advisable to upload picture of only one part. If you are searching for multiple parts, you should search it separately for each part.
5. Make sure the light is not too harsh or too dim. It should be well lit.
6. If you don't see desirable search results take pic from a different angle and try again.

We are still learning and strive to learn more. Bear with us if you don't find your pick. Do share your feedback here:

Disclaimer: This tool uses machine learning technology to show best match. The technology has certain constraints and still evolving. The results may vary/deviate from identifying the part you are looking for but we try to show the best match. We are not responsible for any decision like placing order based on search results. The action taken based on search result is sole responsibility of user and we are not liable.