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Gojo Industries


GOJO Industries is a manufacturer of hand hygiene and skincare products. The company was started its business in 1946, in Akron, Ohio. After that, its headquarters moved to Cuyahoga Falls. A hand sanitizer, Purell is one of the most well-known products of GOJO Industries. It provides an electronic hand hygiene monitoring system for medical institutions.

During world war II, Jerry and Goldie Lippman invented the hand cleaner for workers in the rubbery factory. First, they supplied their hand cleaners to rubber workers only who had used chemicals like benzene, petrol, etc. to clean their skin. After the war, they started marketing to automotive service facilities and stopped their factory jobs.

The latest technologies in science are used by GOJO. It is known for state-of-the-art dispensing technology, engineered with a focus on design and functionality. Moreover, its robust services encourage safe hand grooming practices, skincare, and compliance in sensitive environments.

GOJO offers hand sanitizers, hand soaps, heavy-duty hand cleaners, dispensers, surface disinfectants, and sanitizers. In addition to this, the company supplies moisturizers, shampoos, shower washes, foam hand washes, surgical scrubs, skin conditioners, perineal care products, chemical removing hand cleaners, hand protection products to the customers.

GOJO operates worldwide with offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Japan, and Brazil. Its main manufacturing and distribution facilities are located at its Lippman campus in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. GOJO has factories in Ohio, Latin America, across North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

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Cleaner,Hand (Orange, 14 Oz) for Gojo Industries Part# 0957-08

Natural Orange Hand Cleaner by GOJO

Cleaner,Hand (Orange, 14 Oz) for Gojo Industries Part# 957-08

Natural Orange Hand Cleaner by GOJO

Dispenser,Micrell Foam (Auto) for Gojo Industries Part# 2750-12

Micrell Touch-Free Antibacterial Foam Soap Dispense by GOJO

Dispenser,Soap (Micrell,Fmx12) for Gojo Industries Part# 5170-06

Micrell Antibacterial Foam Soap Dispenser by GOJO

Soap,Micrell Foam (40 Oz,Auto) for Gojo Industries Part# 5357-02

Micrell Antibacterial Foam Soap Refill by GOJO

Soap,Micrell Foam(1250Ml Refil for Gojo Industries Part# 5157-03

Micrell Antibacterial Foam Soap Refill by GOJO

Soap,Micrell Lotion (1000Ml) for Gojo Industries Part# 2157-08

Micrell Antibacterial Lotion Soap Refill by GOJO