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Best Restaurant Equipment Thermostat

Best Thermostat will improve your kitchen’s or Restaurant's energy efficiency and save money.

“A good Thermostat is a chef's best friend”

1. Features of Best Thermostat :

  1.     It helps in reducing monthly energy expenses.
  2.     Your HVAC or Kitchen equipment run smoothly.
  3.     System protection.
  4.     Improved comfort.
  5.     Easy to manage thermostat.

If you are tired of heating and cooling equipment energy bills and are looking for budget-friendly solutions? A thermostat may be the best solution for you. You can enjoy a variety of benefits such as lower energy bills, temperature controls for your restaurant and home comfort.

Looking for a long-running Thermostat we suggest Star 2T-6447 Thermostat at an affordable cost. 

thermostat for Star Mfg Part 2T-6447

a) Same Day Shipping.

b) 30-Day Return Policy. 

A thermostat is a device that controls the temperature of a physical system within a closed area to the set point. The thermostat does this by the device turning cooling or heating or deactivating the device or regulating the fluid flow of heat transfer needed to maintain the set temperature.

Success Story:

One of our customers bought this product for a commercial oven from us. He gave a review of Star Mfg 2T Thermostat like this:

After replacing the thermostat with 2T-6477, my oven working efficiently and it reduced electricity bills”

If you are looking for Star Mfg Thermostat, we suggest you the manual (non-programmable) thermostat. The programmable and non-programmable thermostats features will vary from model to model and brand to brand. We have found some thermostats to control equipment simply, keep you comfortable and permit you to maximize energy savings.

There are many top manufacturers to produce Thermostats. They all have been making Thermostats to residential and commercial equipment for efficient working. For example, if we take Star Mfg manufacturer, it has been manufacturing Thermostats to keep their appliances work effectively.

Generally, when we are in the home, office or a restaurant, we see heating and cooling systems. All cooling and heating systems mostly depend on heat controls to work properly. So, most of the equipment both cooling & heating build-up with thermostats.

2. How Does Thermostat Work?

If you have specific heating and cooling needs for your comfort, then you have to take a little look at the operation of the thermostat. Mechanical Thermostats contains either bi-metallic strips or gas-filled bellows.

The bi-metallic strip in Thermostat acts as a bridge in an electrical circuit that is connected to your system. Normally the bridge is in a downward position. The strip carries electricity through that electric circuit and the switches on the heating.

When the strip gets hot, one of the metals expands more than other metal so that the whole bi-metallic strip bends slowly. After it bends completely, it breaks and then the circuit will open.

Now, the bridge is up and the electricity instantly switches off and the room starts to cool.

As the room cools, the metallic strip cools too and bends back into its original shape. Again makes the electricity flow and heating switches on. To switch this mechanism on your Thermostat.

Use the temperature dial that you can adjust to the required temperature. This sets the temperature for the electric circuit to switch off and on.

Bi-metallic strips take a long time to cool down or heat up, so they don't react quickly to temperature changes. An alternative choice is taking a look at mechanical thermostats using a pair of metal discs with a gas-filled bellows in between them.

These metal disks have a large surface area and allowing them to react instantly to heat. The gas in the bellows expands and contracts to control the electric circuit and heating accordingly.

PartsFPS is here to help you by providing OEM Thermostats from various manufacturers. We are the leading distributors of manual thermostats for kitchen equipment including ovens, refrigerators and air conditioners, building heating, central heating, as well as and medical and scientific incubators.


Thermostats can help you to manage a comfortable atmosphere throughout your area. Our thermostats will reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of use.

Are you facing problems with Thermostats and your Kitchen Equipment is not running properly? Replace it with our new thermostat. You can also buy replacement parts for all of the other kitchen equipment at PartsFPS.

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