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Blog posts of '2017' 'December'

Coil Cleaner
As long as air conditioner plays a pivotal role in our day to day life, Air Conditioner Cleaning with the help of a Coil Cleaner is a must. The Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner or it may be also called as the AC Coil Cleaner,is used in order to remove all kinds of dirt, grease, and oil from the air conditioners. The Coil Cleaners are easy to apply. PartsFPS has a wide range of Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner. [More]
Nu Calgon Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner
Like cleaning other appliances in your kitchen can turn the appliance happy, cleaning your ice machine can also make it happy. Washing your machine before going to bed at night is a good practice and the best way to keep it clean and germ-free. Same is applicable for the Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning.These ice machines are one of the best producers of ice in the world. The Nu Calgon Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner is formulated especially with the phosphoric/ citric food grade product for the removal of the scale deposits from the ice makers that have nickel-plated or tin-plated evaporators. For cleaning a Hoshizaki Ice Machine, the first thing to do is removing the ice from the bin. This will be blocking the Nu Calgon Ice Machine Cleaner solution from contaminating the ice. Next, for the Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning, the water should be turned off and the water sump tank must be drained. [More]
Ice Machine Cleaning Solution
Whether be it your ice-creams to smoothies or milkshakes and cold coffees, we are all aware of the importance of ice in our daily lives. Being one of the essential parts in our refrigerators, ice plays a pivotal role in foodservice settings like the restaurants, cafeterias, bars, coffee shops, etc. Eventually, they are also used in the nursing homes, medical stores, hospitals and other healthcare services. For keeping an ice machine clean, one needs to use the ice machine cleaners. Without the proper cleaning, the ice machine can turn dirty and unhygienic. The Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner is used for removing lime scale and all the mineral deposits from the ice machine components. Moreover, a Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner is formulated phosphoric acid food grade product in order to remove the scale deposits from the ice makers. Moreover, the Ice Machine Cleaning Solution is very gentle with your ice machines. Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaner is one of the leading products. [More]