Blog posts of '2018' 'August'

Intermetro Industries Parts
Intermetro Food warmer – today we will discuss about the warmer which is just opposite of ice machine in functionality. This manufacturer is serving the customers from long back. Serve warm meal to your customers just by putting food in the warmer and warm it. To keep the meals warm, people are search for ways, as long as people have been starting eating. In 1888, to heat beverage and food Samuel Clarke has brought the first food warmer. Inspired from this invention, Intermetro start manufacturing food warmers. [More]
Refrigerator Parts
If you are reading this piece of content means you are facing some issue with your refrigerator. Your cooling machine not working properly! To help you out from this type issues we try the simple tips to troubleshoot the thermostat parts. Scroll down to get the steps to diagnose and resolve the issues related to thermostat. [More]
Baso Gas Products
This week’s blog pick of the week is the BASO replacement parts. The reason behind this manufacturer has been picked as they are one of the best suppliers of the commercial pieces of equipment and many business owners are using their product for the last few decades. And now there is a demand for the BASO parts for maintenance purpose. So we are recommending the PartsFPS for your need for replacement parts for your commercial kitchen. [More]