Blog posts of '2020' 'February'

Low noise gear motor for Home kitchens and Restaurants
Gear Motors are Very helpful for all Kitchen and Restaurants Equipment. Especially Noise less Gear motors are most used in Restaurant operations. [More]
Best Restaurant Equipment Thermostat
A Star 2T-6447 thermostat is a device that controls the temperature of a physical system within a closed area to the set point. The thermostat does this by the device turning cooling or heating or deactivating the device or regulating the fluid flow of heat transfer needed to maintain the set temperature. [More]
Cleveland Parts
Cleveland is a leading designer and manufacturer of steam cooking equipment. It is the brand name for all your steam cooking requirements. Cleveland is the only manufacturer that specializes in producing steam cooking equipment. Cleveland Range Steamer, kettle, combi oven and tilting skillet have the highest quality and performance level. Whether you are looking for Steam Cooking Equipment for commercial restaurants, buy Cleveland brand items. [More]
Ultrafryer Parts
You can stay ahead of the frying without sacrificing food taste or quality with Ultrafryer systems. Their fryers generate more quantity of food per hour than any other fryer in the market. You may have a doubt, how is it possible? it's all because of their phased array heat exchangers. Ultrafryer delivers ultra-fast heat transfer, so shortening recovers temperature faster. That result, your food absorbs less oil and also cooks more quickly. [More]