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Blog posts of '2020' 'March'

Top 4 Star Manufacturing Replacement Parts - PartsFPS
Generally, most of the equipment face problems with the damage of thermostats, thermopiles, deflectors, and motors. Hence, let’s have a look at these Star Replacement Parts installation, causes of damage, etc. [More]
7 Best Apps for Every Restaurant Owner - PartsFPS
As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to keep your business operating smoothly. So, you need to know how to handle everything from sourcing ingredients to keeping the restaurant up to date. It is very difficult to handle all these things at a time. But, by using correct restaurant management apps, you can make your job easier and save you money in the long run. [More]
Best Gas Stove Parts for Restaurants and Kitchens
In this blog we came up with the concept of Best Gas Stove Parts. Here, we have updated the information on the parts which are used in a gas stove like the thermostat, safety valve, thermocouple, knob, door gasket, burner, flame switch, toggle switch, etc. By reading this, you can get a few solutions for your gas stove part’s problems. [More]
Spare parts to know before you Buy a Dishwasher?
Are you having a plan to buy a new dishwasher? These are the main parts you have to know before buying the dishwasher. If you buy a dishwasher by looking at the following parts, you can reduce the maintenance cost and also get it at an affordable price. All these below parts are available at many suppliers. [More]
Why Timer is Important for Frymaster?
For maintaining a cook cycle in a Frymaster fryer, a timer is used. After the cook cycle is completed, the cooking basket automatically raises, with alarming sound. The display is shown as COOC. If you cancel the lift switch, the alarm will be switched off. Keynote: If unfortunately if you press, the basket lift switch, the cooking cycle will be canceled and Basket is lifted from the frypot. [More]