Blog posts of '2021' 'April'

How to Program a Pitco fryer? - PartsFPS
This blog explains how to program a Pitco fryer by providing details on the operation and adjustment of the cooking computer control developed for Pitco fryer products. This microprocessor offers the latest cooking technology including cook temperature adjustment, drain valve interlock, faulty probe detection, beeper volume, selectable melt cycles, etc. Each product key may be programmed with the cook, shake and hold times to keep place with changing menus over time. [More]
Manitowoc Indigo Troubleshooting and Error Codes - PartsFPS
Manitowoc Indigo model ice machines are one of the most popular models used for residential and commercial purposes as well. However, you should know how to diagnose an issue based on the error code the ice machine displays. Here is an article for a list of Manitowoc Indigo error codes & their meanings and troubleshooting. [More]
Blodgett Oven Troubleshooting - PartsFPS
As one of the best manufacturers in the commercial foodservice industry, Blodgett offers various types of ovens including convection, combi, and pizza ovens. If you are using the Blodgett oven in your kitchen and it shows any wrong signs to work in the correct way, no worries. You can fix the common problems of your oven yourself simply. To make your job easier, we have some Blodgett oven troubleshooting tips so that you can follow them to solve the issues. [More]
Scotsman scn60 troubleshooting & Installation - PartsFPS
One of the major brands in ice machines that are widely used is Scotsman. An ice machine is a huge time saver unit for any small business that serves water, refreshments, or just has a self-serve type system to offer customers. We can see these machines in many commercial establishments like restaurants, hotels, etc. If your Scotsman ice machine is not working properly, you will need to know how to fix them. This is a good guide for Scotsman ice machine troubleshooting. [More]