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Blog posts of '2018' 'October'

How to Replace an Oven Door Gasket?
The foods are being cooked or baked unevenly if you have broken oven door gaskets. It is required to check for first it really needs the replacement, before you decide to replace your oven door gasket. So, to check the uneven heat production you should turn on the oven and without touching the walls of the oven, navigate your hand around the doorway of the oven. [More]
How to change oven light bulb
Make a smart move in your life by replacing the oven lamp by yourself. Today PartsFPS team brings you the basic and simple tips for replacing the oven lamp within a few minutes. Let’s start the project. Before attempting any maintenance or cleaning, unplug this appliance from the power supply to minimize the possibility of electric shock. [More]
Replace Oven Element
The heating element is a tough old thing before the rest of the oven breaks down; it rarely needs to be replaced. You should not often have to replace your oven heating element. However, if your oven heating element has developed any fault and does need replacement, don’t worry. You should have absolutely no problem in changing the heating element yourself, replacing the oven element is not that difficult to do. [More]
How to remove Oven Racks
You'll find instructions for kitchen rack placement in the recipe, whether you're roasting, broiling, or baking. But how do different parts of your oven cook, and if you need to replace the rack how to do it? Use this guide to make you a better cook as it helps to deal with your oven racks. We – PartsFPS Team will gradually share the information about the oven racks, their positions, how to replace faulty oven racks and how to reinstall them as well. [More]