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deep fryer troubleshooting

Is your deep fryer not running properly? Then, you may need some fixes for your appliance faults. When you want to get back your fryer and operating again fast, first try and fix it yourself. Luckily, deep fryers are generally easy to repair or troubleshoot. Moreover commercial deep fryer parts are also pretty easy to buy.  So, we are here to help you through the commercial fryer repair/ troubleshooting process.

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A deep fryer is a great and necessary appliance to have in your commercial kitchen. It helps you while deep frying the food items in a self-contained and automated unit. This fryer makes the frying process safer and cleaner and as temperature control that provides consistently successful outcomes.

You can get reliable frying results with efficient appliances. Hence, you have to keep your equipment in efficient condition. If your deep fryer not turning on, check out possible issues, and fix them.

Read our deep fryer troubleshooting tips guide to get your appliance running again smoothly. You can refer to your company's manual if you want more specific instructions to follow while troubleshooting.

How to Make Commercial Fryer Repair or Troubleshoot?

Here, you can check out the common problems and solutions of your commercial fryer to solve them easily.

If Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

A malfunctioning pilot light is one of the common kitchen appliance problems. It prevents your fryer from heating up. High limit switch, thermopile, and combination safety gas valve are the three elements that mainly caused this problem. Now, learn how to determine and troubleshoot them.

a)      High Limit Switch

You can determine that hi-limit is bad by taking one of its wire and connecting it with other wire. Just do as always do and the pilot light up. If the pilot light remains lit, then the high limit switch got damaged and have to be replaced.

While replacing the hi-limit, first you should empty the oil from the tank. This is necessary because the hi-limit sensing bulb enters through the side of the tank. Inside of the tank contains large nut and there is a smaller nut inside the larger nut. You have to loosen and take these off.

Now, you can do away with the faulty high limit. Installing the new hi-limit by the following of the reverse procedure. First, you screw the larger nut only, then insert the smaller nut. Finally, light the pilot, and your appliance will be working.

b)     Thermopile

If this pilot somehow isn't going to stay illuminated, then the thermopile is quite definitely the victim. One end is attached to the pilot and the other to the gas valve. Remove from both places and replace thermopile. Light up the pilot and you're good to go if it's still light. Remember to connect the hi-limit wire also. 

c)      Combination Safety Gas Valve

Still, it will not stay lit, you have to verify the combination gas valve. You need to have a couple of pipe wrenches to replace the combo valve. Since there is limited space, this is the most difficult item to replace. Replace all the connections and have to install the new gas valve in the same direction.

If the pilot is lit but deep fryer doesn’t work

If you found this problem, then assume the fault may be in the thermostat. When the thermostat fails, the following things can happen:

  •          The oil isn't getting hot enough.
  •          It does not turn off until the oil reaches temperature.
  •          The burner doesn't get light when turned on or even though the pilot is lit.

When you observe any of the above symptoms, you will need to replace a deep fryer thermostat. Since the thermostat running fast, the oil will overheat causing the hi-limit switch trip out and everything shut down. The thermostat will not good even by resetting the hi-limit and relighting the pilot. So, only one thing you have to do is thermostat replacement.

When Burners are Burning Out

When you turn the deep fryer burner knobs on the gas and find the flames don’t lit all over, this is possibly due to clogged burner openings. So, to fix this problem, first, you have to turn off the flame. Then, by using a wire brush clean out lint and other debris from the burner orifices. After cleaning, relight the lit.

Fryer Temperature Won't Stay Controlled

You should know that fryer oil has to be at the right temperature to make fried food effectively. If the oil is too cool or too hot, your food items do not come properly. So, always parts of the deep fryer will work efficiently. Mainly, to fix this type of problem, you have to go through the thermostat troubleshooting or replacement.

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Deep Fryer Not Turning On

If your deep fryer is not turning on, then the issue is with the power cord. Sometimes, the power cord is disconnected from the appliance when the fryer is moved or bumped. So, make sure to check connected properly before estimating as faulty. When the internal wires got damaged, there may be a chance of power cord faulty. It’s easy to replace the power cord on your unit with your model.

Sometimes, your fryer won't turn on because of the problem with the control assembly which includes, thermostat, heating element, control board, etc. Hence, you have to continue the further troubleshooting process based upon the element type.

Final Words:

Even though your deep fryer problem is not fixed, call a trained technician to solve it. You can find the repair person easily by searching with a commercial deep fryer repair service near me. So, find and fix the problem quickly to gain previous experience.

If you need any parts of a deep fryer, you can get them from the PartsFPS store online. Yes, we are selling a wide range of commercial deep fryer parts at our store at affordable prices.

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