Frymaster Parts

Frymaster Parts


Founded in the year 1935 by P.F.Ratcliff, Frymaster is considered to be one of the top manufacturers by the industry chefs. The 2015 award-winning manufacturer of deep fryers continues to be one of the most eminent brands in a commercial kitchen. Their main purpose is to reach the expectations of the customers and exceed in the quality manner. Their aspiration is to grow in both ways, domestically and internationally in every possible segment of the marketplace and they are trying to push their limits by fulfilling the promises they have made about the performance and innovation. Major Frymaster parts include- Baskets, Thermostats, Blower and Pump Motors, Gas Valve, Ignitor and much more. So, let it be your high-efficiency gas fryer, or your soup and sauce rethermalizer, search for the superior quality Frymaster Replacement Parts according to your needs at our website. A fryer is a kitchen device, a container that is commonly used in commercial kitchen purposes and households. They are used for deep frying.

Features of Fryers

Fryers have the special feature of collecting excess oil after cooking is over. They have timers with alarms, ventilation systems that reduce odors. They also have the automatic pull up and down feature. Deep fryers help in cooking food faster. Commercial fryers are available in mild steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel fryer comes with a better warranty than mild steel fryers because mild steel is prone to corrosion. The fryers come with a variety of fry pot styles.

The Electric Fryer Part is widespread in the counter top models. The heating elements of the fryer are absorbed in the oil. A little heat is lost with the faster temperature recovery process. The Electric Fryer Parts include- Grain Grommet, Bronze Bunting Bushing, Pilot Assembly Liquid Propane, Electric ignition, Thermopile Replacement Equipment, etc.

The Frymaster Gas Fryer gets heated very fast, They have a high temperature than that of electric fryers. Gas fryers are less expensive than the electric ones and usually run with the help of natural gas and propane. In floor model fryers, gas fryer has a very common usage. The gas fryer parts consist of- Triplet Fryer Basket, Natural Gas Valve Retrofit Service Kit, and more.

The economy fryers an all-purpose reliable and long-lasting product. They are efficient enough to cook a variety of food items that is worth good taste. The Standard Gas Fryer (GF14) has a heat transferable open fry pot. A cold zone is present that collects the excess remaining oil with the residues that help in cleaning.

Frymaster Gas Fryer (MJ40) and (MJ50) are versatile with their high performance and have low maintenance features. It is for their durable and reliable nature that they have earned renowned reputation. They do not require any burner cleaning of air shutter adjustment. The fast action temperature of the well-grounded centre line provides an accurate temperature for the heating purpose. A heat lamp and a holding station can be present in the optional spreader. Either a cafeteria style or a scoop-type pan is used by the holding station. The cabinet along with the heat lamp and pans thus makes a complete warming station. 

PartsFPS provides you with the high-quality Frymaster Replacement Equipments that you need in your day to day life like- Basket Support, Basket Triple, Terminal Block, Adapter, Baffle, Ball Valve, etc.

Starting from French fries to chicken strips and gradually moving to finger-licking tacos, fish fries and other breaded products, Frymaster baskets or Fryer baskets are essential for the customers for their everyday use. The Frymaster Basket help in cooking food easily and faster. These baskets are helpful for the customers by making the food healthier and by removing excess oil before serving. The brand primarily sales Baskets and some of them are-

Frymaster Basket

Basket full for Frymaster #2611  

Fryer Basket, Full size, Front Hook, Two Handles 16 3/4" L X 17 1/2" W X 6” H

Annets Fryer 18 X 1, 18 X 1 ( D, E, EG)

DEAN FRYER 1818E, 2020E, D60G, D80G, SM60G, SM80G.


Basket full for Frymaster part #8030017

Fryer Basket, Full size, Front Hook, Two Handles
Annets Fryer 18 X 1, 18 X 1 (D,E,EG)
DEAN FRYER 1818E, 2020E, D60G, D80G, SM60G, SM80G.
PITCO FRYER 18, 18S, P-18, SE 18S
WIDTH- 17 1/2
LENGTH- 16 3/4” X 17 1/2 “ X 6”

Basket, Pasta For Frymaster Part #8030018

Frymaster 8BC, 8C, 8SMS, ESW, EWBS, GBC, GC, GSMS
Model # 8030018
Length : 4’’
Height : 5” 
Width  : 4”
Material : Plastic Weight : 1.55lbs
Dimension : 15.2 X 10.2 X 10.2 cm.

Basket Triple For Frymaster Part #2015

Triple Fryer Basket, Front Hook, 13 1/4"L  X  4 1/4’’ W  X  5 1/2’’ H
Dean Fryer 32G, 1414E, 1818(E,G,GTS), 2020(E,GMS,GTS)
D50G, D50GDD, SM35G, SM40G, SM50G, SM50GDD
Keating Fryer Series:14
Prince Castle Fryer


Basket Triple For Frymaster Part #8030032

11 -5/8”  X  14 -3/8”


Common Frymaster Replacement Parts: -

PartsFPS has a large in-stock collection of the replacement equipment of Frymaster like- Baskets, Burners, Thermostats, Burner Grates, etc. We hope that this will satisfy your needs.


Some of our Frymaster spare parts:-

a) 125 amp Terminal Block #8070065
b) Adapter –Male Part # 810 1668
c) Adapter #8100425
d) Angle Valve #8100240
e) Arm, basket Lift (left) #82306931
f) Arm basket lift (right) #8230693