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Hobart Dishwasher Troubleshooting

hobart dishwasher trouble shooting

Your Hobart Commercial Dishwasher eventually stops functioning as it should. Then it requires troubleshooting or repair due to wear and tear in washer components. But not to worry though.

Here, we have prepared a helpful guide on, Hobart Dishwasher Troubleshooting so that you can solve the common problems by yourself.

Hobart Dishwashers are made up of high quality and reliable material. So, most people use these machines for restaurants, homes, hotels, and any other commercial kitchen. No matter how careful we are, there is a chance that the problem will come.

Therefore, try to resolve your machine common problems with the help of our guide.

Hobart Dishwasher Troubleshooting:

Our list includes tips for the following problems:

1) Unit Not Running.

2) Dishes Not Clean.

3) Chemicals Not Feeding.

4) Low-Temperature Readings.

5) Dishwasher Not Draining.

6) Machine Not Filling Properly.

1) Unit Not Running...

If your machine is not operating with no display, then first power OFF the unit and turn it ON. Moreover, there may be a broken fuse or circuit breaker at the power supply that requires repair or resetting. Also, you have to check whether the power cord is plugged in or not.

Display ON but dishwasher not running - Open and close the door once. Also, look at the machine that will fill enough or not. If the problem is not yet solved, then contact a local service technician.

a) Benefits of Curtain:

  • Simple in design and smooth operation, and easy installation.
  • Reliable in nature and long-lasting operation, made with tough material
  • More Durable, and doesn't harm any dishes while operating at high levels.
  • Very Less Price when compared to other brands, works in low-high temperatures.
  • Removes Excess water and smell from utensils and keep it more clean.
  • Best Curtain in Market works better with all Restaurant-commercial kitchens.
  • Operates in High speed levels and made with water resistant material.
  • Contains eight to Ten Threads connected in serial loop and same length-breadth.

hobart dishwasher curtain part 00 919509

Curtain, dishwasher for Hobart Part# 00-919509

Part Name: Hobart Dishwasher 00-919509 Curtain

Part Number: 00-919509

Manufacturer: Hobart

Part Type: Curtain

2) Dishes Not Clean…

If the wash and rinse arms did not turn due to obstruction, it stops cleaning your dishes. So, you have to check that arms spin freely.

Blocked strainers cause inadequate water supply for your unit's pumping. Therefore, you must clean them as per instructions in the manual. Sometimes, the detergent dispenser may clog so you have to wash it.

Improper rack loading of your dishes could leave dirt on your dishes. While filling the rack, follow your manufacturer's manual instructions.

Very low temperatures may also cause this problem. You should note that water temperature should be above 150°F for high-temperature machines and above 120°F for chemical sanitizing machines.

Once check the incoming water supply and use soft water with proper concentrate rinse detergent.

a) Benefits of Curtain:

  • 4 PLY Splash Curtain additional threads for accurate performance.
  • Decreases power consumption,works best with cookware and utensils.
  • Made by high-Quality Material, works many months without Errors.
  • Reliable and Strong in design, best suits maximum for all models.
  • Afforadable cost when compared to other Manufacturers-same day shipping.
  • 30-day Return policy on all Parts, Delivered with Good Packaging.
  • This Curtain Best Fits your dishwasher and reliable in all conditions.
  • It works best at low speeds-high speeds, easy to remove, cleaning is simple.

hobart dishwasher curtain part 00 919758

Curtain, dishwasher for Hobart Part# 00-919758

Part Name: Hobart Dishwasher Curtain 00-919758

Part Number: 00-919758

Manufacturer: Hobart

Part Type: Curtain

3) If Chemicals Not Feeding…

Low-level chemicals are not sufficient to run our system properly. So, you need to maintain efficient chemical levels as per your dishwasher model.

Check for air leaks at feeder hose connections of your washer. Also, look at the connection fittings and wire ties at the tube to tube joints. If any requirements are there, repair or reconnect them.

Unkink any twisted tubing that pumps chemical substances into your machine and is sure to have soft bends.

a) Benefits of Heater:

  • Inter-wired Connection for no loss of heat when operating in high Temperatures.
  • It Saves Floor Space and made with tough material, operate at higher levels.
  • Ease of Operation simple and no external service for Installation.
  • Low Price when compared with some manufacture-brands stores in Online.
  • Consumes less power while heating,the water saves most Energy bills.
  • Works better with all types of water, wheather it is soft or hard water.
  • Heater Temperature can be controlled manually or with remote if applied.
  • Connected with a holder, so that heater Rods are stick together, works best.

hobart dishwasher heater part 00 287591 4

Dishwasher Heater for Hobart Part# 00-287591-4

Part Name: Hobart Dishwasher 00-287591-4 Heater

Part Number: 00-287591-4

Manufacturer: Hobart

Part Type: Heater

4) Low-Temperature Readings…

Low water temperature causes many problems in your dishwasher. Make sure that it meets the recommended minimum temperature (150°F or 120°F based on your machine model).

You must verify that do not overload unit racks with your dishes. Heavy ware load cools the wash water.

If the incoming water has a low temperature, then the rinse cycle rate may be increased. This will create insufficient demand for cleaning your dishes.

You may also get the problem with a low booster heater or a sump heater. Contact an authorized technician to resolve this issue.

a) Benefits of Heater:

  • No Exposed Heating Element, it best suits-works with all Models.
  • Heats Your Unit Properly, we can use this with multiple Temperatures.
  • Excellent Drying and works without any problem while operating at full speeds.
  • It Saves More Energy Costs and works long-lasting in weather conditions.
  • The Best Heater, water is heated perfectly with this type of heater.
  • 3 Conntected heater Rods, raises the water temperatures in few minutes.
  • Packaging is Done by Good material from manufacture-30-day Return policy.
  • Maintenance Free Heater for all Dishwashers, works many months.

hobart dishwasher heater part 87052 4

Dishwasher Heater for Hobart Part# 00-87052-4

Part Name: Hobart Dishwasher Heater 00-87052-4

Part Number: 00-87052-4

Manufacturer: Hobart

Part Type: Heater

5) Dishwasher Not Draining…

Whenever your unit is not drained, check that drain pipes are restricted or not. If they are restricted with kinks and clog, you have to ensure the proper remedy with the technician and make it as soon as possible.

Power OFF the machine and wait for some time and then power back ON. You can repeat this power ON and OFF process twice if it requires. Still, if your problem persists, call the service technician.

6) Machine Not Filling Properly...

Low water pressure and no water flow could cause you to prevent your dishwasher from filling sufficiently.

Check for the clogged hose strainer and ensure that water pressure should meet the required minimum flow pressure.

If there is no water supply, the main water supply valves might not be working. So, you have to repair the water supply valves.

Hobart Dishwashers fills too high - This is caused by the leaking of the solenoid valve. You need to power OFF the unit and check the water flow continuity. Contact your local service office, if the problem again repeats.

Your machine should be leveled properly.

However, along with the above troubleshooting tips, you should do the following regular things: Clean your Commercial Dishwasher Hobart regularly by following the manual's daily cleaning instructions. Make sure you won't use steel wool to clean the dishwasher.

a) Benefits of Curtain:

  • Very Comfortable, Suitable for All Dishwasher models,works with all models.
  • Simple to Adjust and can be maintained in all dishwashers,works efficiently.
  • Rich in Adjusting with Temperatures while operating in full mode.
  • Best curtain for your machine available at low price compared to other brands.
  • 24 Cleaning Threads, best cleans utensils of Kitchen-Restaurant Cookware.
  • Works for many Months, operated properly with flexible machine speeds.
  • Maintenance Free Curtain for all type of Dishwashers,Easy to Clean.
  • Removes excess water from all Utensils, No Manual cleaning is needed.

hobart dishwasher curtain part 919758

Curtain, dishwasher for Hobart Part# 919758

Part Name: Hobart Dishwasher Curtain 919758

Part Number: 919758

Manufacturer: Hobart

Part Type: Curtain

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This guide aims to provide you with perspectives to help you in recognizing the issues that "do it by yourself" and those require the services of a skilled and licensed technician. We hope you found the information on Hobart commercial dishwasher troubleshooting in our guide useful.

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