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Low noise gear motor for Home kitchens and Restaurants

less noise gear motor for home kitchens and restaurants

Gear Motors refers to a combination of geartrain and motor. These are able to adjust the speed of electric motors and leading them to operate at a certain speed. These gear motors are used in many applications that require lower shaft speed and higher torque output.

1. Features of low noise Gear Motors:

  1. They deliver high torque at low speed.
  2. You can use them in many applications.
  3. Allowed for optimum power management.
  4. Have prolonging design life.
  5. Eliminates any potential alignment problems.

look at this noiseless Gear Motor for Nieco Part# 4004-01

Gear Motor for Nieco Part 4004-01

2. Don’ts of Gear Motors:

  1. No need to make the excessive radial load on a shaft, that damages bearing support systems.
  2. Excessive acceleration or deceleration may lead to gear tooth fracture.
  3. More torsional loads on a shaft at cross holes, keyways and diameter changes are main failure locations. So, be careful.
  4. High thrust forces on shafts can damage press fits of components and exceed bearing capabilities.
  5. Don't place the gear motors in environments that are not suitable for them. Protect the gear motor properly to prolong it's working life.
  6. Don't keep gear motor enclosed and sealed.

3. Gear motor for kitchen and Restaurant:

Our PartsFPS experts help you to identify and source the gear motor that fits your unique requirements of food as well as beverage processing, handling and packaging applications.

Reduce Electricity Bills by using this Gear Motor for Hatco Part# R02.12.020.00

Gear Motor for Hatco Part R02.12.020.00

4. Sanitary Requirements:

Food equipment applications should be sufficiently sealed to protect from contamination.

a) Reliability:

In some situations, kitchen equipment is operated round the clock. It makes the motor reliability as a key factor.

b) Operating Temperature:

Motors in kitchen equipment operate frequently at full cool or hot temperatures. Actually, they have to operate at a particular range of temperatures. We suggest you, to select the proper gear motor for your unique applications from PartsFPS.

Most applications of food have moisture or splashing liquids. Gear motors for these applications must be able to withstand to these conditions.


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