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Ultrafryer Parts

Are you serving chicken and fish fries and everything in between them in your restaurant? Then use top brand fryer systems for making them. We suggest you, Ultrafryer Equipment. When it comes to high-efficiency fryers for the foodservice industry, Ultrafryer systems evolved as an industry leader. Ultrafryer Equipment producing a great variety of tasting foods in a commercial kitchen. 

You can stay ahead of the frying without sacrificing food taste or quality with Ultrafryer systems. Their fryers generate more quantity of food per hour than any other fryer in the market. You may have a doubt, how is it possible? it's all because of their phased array heat exchangers. Ultrafryer delivers ultra-fast heat transfer, so shortening recovers temperature faster. That result, your food absorbs less oil and also cooks more quickly.

Ultrafryer was founded in 1969. They have been manufacturing premium performance electric and gas fryers since they founded in 1969. Ultrafryer systems produce the longest-lasting, most durable commercial deep fryers. These fryers are renowned throughout the retail commercial foodservice industry. Ultrafryer high-efficiency commercial fryers give great-tasting products including french fries, fried chicken, fish, wings and many more.

Ultrafryer gas fryers are the most efficient and powerful deep fryers in the industry. Ultrafryer systems offer a wide range of options and sizes for all our commercial gas fryers. You can select from 20", 18" or 14" sized vats that fit your production demands.

If you are cooking bone-in chicken items, you will go through our PAR-2 phased array heat exchanger because it keeps the temperature consistent throughout the cook cycle. If you want fryer to cook french fries, better to go with PAR-3 exchanger which allows you to cook batch after batch of crispy fries.

If you are already using these fryers, then sometimes they may have a chance to get damages. Then you have to replace that part to make it work. PartsFPS is the leading distributor of Ultrafryer Parts. So, you can buy Ultrafryer Replacement Parts from here.

Some of Ultrafryer Equipment Parts available in our site are - Sifter actuator bar, pillow bearing, roll end bearing, shoulder bolt, toggle switch boot, basket hanger bracket, ignition cable, re-thermalizer, mercury contactor, temperature control, oil filter, pump motor, hose assembly, conversion kit and disconnect coupling. Whether looking for Ultrafryer Replacement Parts, select our website PartsFPS and buy them at a low cost. We deliver reliable parts only.

1)  Filter,oil for Ultrafryer Part# 29A053:

Filtering your fryer is very important for extending the life and quality of frying oil. So, you have to use either built-in portable filter or filter pads to remove contaminants and avoid premature breakdown of your oil.

Product Name: Ultrafryer 29A053 Filter Pad

Model Number: 29A053

Manufacturer Name: Ultrafryer

Item Type: Oil Filter

2)  Motor,pump for Ultrafryer Part# 17A027:

Your Ultrafryer pump motor fails to operate when the topside shortening lever placed in the "ON" position, first ensure the filter pump-switch is good, then check the reset button on the filter pump motor. Still, it is not working after the reset button, you have to repair or replace the motor. 

Product Name: Ultrafryer 17A027 Motor

Model Number: 17A027

Manufacturer Name: Ultrafryer

Item Type: Motor

3)  Hose,suction (assembly) for Ultrafryer Part# 12A912:

Hose assembly is composed of the hose and the end fittings. The tube of hose assembly conveys the media from one end of the hose to another. It also protects the outside from conveyed media/ fluid.

Product Name: Ultrafryer 12A912 Hose Assembly

Model Number: 12A912

Manufacturer Name: Ultrafryer

Item Type: Hose Assembly

4)  Contactor,merc for Ultrafryer Part# 18A283:

Ultrafryer Mercury Contactors are used to control a high current circuit with a low current signal or to control a high-voltage circuit with a low voltage signal. Here, you can know how to select an appropriate mercury contactor?

The following are the factors to be considered while buying mercury contactor for your Ultrafryer equipment: Type and number of contacts, Voltage rating of contacts, Coil voltage, Type of mounting, Regulatory approvals and Switching times.

Product Name: Ultrafryer 18A283 Contactor Mercury

Model Number: 18A283

Manufacturer Name: Ultrafryer

Item Type: Mercury Contactor

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