Hatco Parts

Since 1950, Hatco has been a leading foodservice equipment company. It creates advanced designs ruggedly built for the foodservice industry, improving efficiency, reliability and your profits. Hatco provides a wide variety of equipment. They are:

  • Heated steam wells
  • Heating products, including carving stations
  • Nacho chip warmers
  • Pizza warmer, holding cabinets
  • Hot water dispensers
  • Fry stations

The company specializes in impulse merchandising for heated food products and in heat lamps.

Hatco products are designed and made to stand up to rigorous use in today's professional kitchens. It’s no wonder why they continue to be a leader today with bold innovations and efficient, reliable and stylish products.

Are you in need of a replacement of Hatco parts for your foodservice equipment?

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Through quality equipment of Hatco replacement parts, PartsFPS tries to offer the best way to keep that quality of the different HVAC equipment running at their peak performance. PartsFPS is here to serve you by providing an extensive and affordable line of Hatco replacement parts.

Make sure you are using genuine OEM Hatco Replacement Parts when your Hatco equipment is need of repair or maintenance. Below are the most common Hatco Toasters parts, Booster Heaters parts, and Food Warming units. Just Scroll down you will get a deep insight into the product details and also the part numbers and voltage information is provided. If you know the exact part number, simply log in to our page and use the quick checkout cart.

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1) Hatco Infinite Switch

The Hatco Infinite Switch is a type of switch that allows variable power output of a heating element of an electric stove. Rather than being limited to a few switched levels, its average output is infinitely variable. The hatco infinite switch uses a bimetal switch and physically moves through the process of heating and cooling. Hatco infinite switch contacts the main switch to open and close and controlling the power applied to the heating elements.

a) Hatco 02-19-018 Equivalent Infinite Control Kit:

To replace a damaged or faulty infinite control switch on selected food warmers and cabinets, This Hatco 02.19.018 equivalent infinite switch control kit contains everything you need

Product Specification:

  • Part Number: HTR02-19-018
  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Item model number: R02-19-018

2) Hatco Food Warmer

Hatco Food Warmers are unique food warmers and sandwich warmers. While maintaining product quality for serving, it holds a variety of foods at proper temperatures. PartsFPS offers different Hatco food warmer parts. Buffets, cafeterias, catering, clubs & bars, concessions, convenience stores, restaurants & cafés, and supermarkets & delis who are using Hatco products then the need of Hatco food warmer parts is high for the maintenance of those equipment.

a) Hatco R02.08.110D.00 Warmer Element :


This Hatco® Heating Element is a replacement part for their Glo-Ray® Heaters. It is 120 volts and 1100 watts.For Hatco R02.08.110D.00 1100W fits for the models: GR, GR5AL 48, GRA, GRAH, GRAH-18, GRAH-48, GRAH-48 - 160AH31, GRAH-48D, GRAH-60D3, GRAH-96, GRAH-96D, GRAH-D, GRAHL, GRAHL-48, GRAHL-48D, GRAHL-48D - 2341379802, GRAHL-96, GRAHL-96D, GRAHL-D, GRAL, GRBW-48, GRH, GRH-24, GRH-24D, GRH-48, & GRH-96

Product Specification:

  • Heated steam wells
  • Hazmat:No
  • Oversize:No
  • Each Length (Inches): 1.5
  • Each Height (Inches): 44.62
  • Each Weight (lbs): 0.46

b) Hatco R02-08-130D-00 Warmer Element

This Hatco® Heating Element is a replacement part for their Glo-Ray® Heaters. It is 208 volts and 1250 watts.For Hatco® models: GR5AL 54, GRA, GRAH, GRAH-108, GRAH-108D, GRAH-18, GRAH-54, GRAH-54D, GRAH-60D3, GRAH-D, GRAHL, GRAHL-108, GRAHL-108D, GRAHL-54, GRAHL-54D, GRAHL-D, GRAL, GRAL-105, GRH, GRH-24, & GRH-24D

Product Specification:

  • Model #: R02.08.130D.00
  • Hazmat:No
  • Oversize:No
  • Each Weight (lbs): 0.53
  • Each Height (Inches): 1
  • Each Length (Inches): 50.5
  • Volts: 208

3) Hatco Blower Motor

Hatco Fan and Blower Motor is the important component at the heart of most automotive HVAC systems. Hatco blower motor kit are electric motors that are attached to fans and used to move air through the HVAC system. In most cases, depending on how the temperature controls are set, a single Hatco blower motor Kit is responsible for delivering both hot and cool air, on demand.

a) Hatco R02.12.003.00 Blower Motor Kit

Product Description

It fits the models: FSHC-1, FSHC-2, FST-1-MN, GR-30, GR-FF, GR-FFL, GRA-30, GRACL-42D, GRACL-54D, GRAH-30, GRAHL-36, GRAL-36, GRFF-BC, GRH-30, GRHL-36, GRL-36

Product Specification:

  • Height (Inches): 4.0
  • Width (Inches): 3.25
  • Length (Inches): 8.0
  • Weight (Lbs): 4.54
  • Haz Material: No
  • Freight: No
  • Volts: 208

b) Hatco 02.12.076 GEAR MOTOR

Product Specification:

  • Brand: Hatco
  • OEM Part Number: 02.12.076
  • OEM Part Number :02.12.076