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hobart mixer troubleshooting

Hobart provides planetary mixers and spiral mixers in a variety of sizes and models to meet your creative food items. It's no problem for making doughs, batters, buttercream frostings, mashed potatoes, or whipped cream. Hobart's full line of commercial mixers helps you streamline your food preparation needs of the kitchen with appropriate factors as per requirement. However, after overtime usage, your mixer will give you trouble. So, you can take some preliminary steps for Hobart mixer problems troubleshooting. Let's a look at the following Hobart mixer troubleshooting guide.

Guide for Hobart Mixer Troubleshooting

We have simple tips for Hobart mixer common problems. So, check out the solutions to fix your mixer issues.

Mixer Making Noise

Sometimes you can observe some extra sounds from your mixer like squealing, squeaking, or grinding sounds. These type of sounds indicates that there is a loose bolt or dry seal. If you lubricate the planetary regularly, you wouldn't experience this unusual noise. However, if you have not done so in a while, now try running some mineral oil into the seal and avoid that extra noise.

If you observe planetary seal squeaks, it means that seal needs occasional lubrication. Hence, refer to the maintenance tips in the manual and follow.

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Hobart Mixer has No Power

When your mixer has no power, you have to start the checking process from the breaker and verify that the mixer is plugged in. Once the unit is plugged in, you need to inspect every component is seated properly. If the mixer's bowl is not placed in the right position or the protective wire cage, not in the correct place, your unit doesn't start. After checking, if everything is properly seated and plugged in, there may be an overheated motor. So, let it cool down for 15 to 20 minutes and try again. Still, the problem persists, call a repair professional.

Mixer Bowl or Dough Hook Won’t Seat Properly

If your mixer bowl is not latched correctly into the right place, you have to check all latches and tabs to make sure they have not gotten inadvertently bent. Although, you need to see for the dust or dirt buildup on the spindle when the dough hook doesn't take place.

Hobart Mixer Doesn’t Start

  • If the circuit protector is in an open position, your unit will not start to run. So, examine for the fuse or disconnect switch.
  • See if the mixer is overloaded.
  • Check if the wire cage is not in the closed position.
  • The bowl might not be in the locked position. Check and place it properly.

Agitator Touches Bowl

  • If the agitator of mixer touching the bowl, you need to verify the below:
  • The mixer bowl is not in the closed or locked position. If not, keep it locked.
  • Improper agitator clearance. Check maintenance for its adjustment procedure.
  • Finally, you should see whether the agitator is installed properly or not.

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If Timer Displays Error Code (ErXX)

Error code is flashing - For this you need to wait for the mixer to clear error condition.

When your unit continues to stop and the timer displays a flashing error code, try with disconnect power from the device for about one minute and then turn on the power.

If the error codes still displaying, once check the reference guide in the Hobart mixer manual or contact the professional repair service.

"b_in" and "b_up" on Speed Display

The mixer bowl is not up all the way. You need to check and correct it in the right way. If either of these messages appears again on the screen after correction, turn off the power to the unit for one minute and then reconnect. Still, the messages exist, make sure to contact the Hobart repair service center.

"HI" and "LOAd" Message Displays

If you are not using the STIR to develop a dough product, you can get this message on your mixer display. Make sure to use it.

Mixer Motor Not Run when START Switch is Depressed

  • Bowl guard not closed or magnet missed.
  • Because of bowl guard reed switch circuit malfunction.
  • The timer might be set to 0.
  • Gear shift switch contacts may be opened. So, verify the gear shift on a numbered position.
  • No supply power to your mixer.
  • There could be a blown fuse. Replace it. If you get a problem after replacing the fuse, you have to check if there are any shorts or overloads in the control unit.
  • Overheated mixer motor.
  • Also check for Start switch, contactor coil, and Stop switch malfunctions.

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Hope the above updated Hobart mixer troubleshooting guide useful to fix your problems. For other problems, you can refer to the troubleshooting section of your Hobart mixer repair manual. If you don't get the solutions that you need, contact an authorized technician and fix it as soon as possible. PartsFPS supplies commercial kitchen equipment parts throughout the United States. As part of this, we also offer reliable Hobart equipment parts. So, visit and buy required Hobart parts for replacement whatever you need.

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