How to replace an evaporator fan motor

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Here in this blog today we are going to guide you how to check refrigerator Evaporator Fan problem and even fix it by yourself. This is step by step guide to troubleshoot a failing Evaporator Fan. Moreover, you will be able to show them the problem thus saving them time and you money.

Replacement of the Refrigerator Evaporator Fan

If you notice your fridge not cooling here are some refrigerator troubleshooting tips to help you on the problem. The problem is most likely either frost-clogged evaporator coils or broken evaporator fan, if you can hear the compressor running but the fridge isn’t cooling. When Evaporator fans start to go bad, they often squeal or chirp. When you open the freezer door if the noise gets louder, you’ll know it’s the evaporator fan. Behind a cover in the freezer compartment, the evaporator coils and fan are located. So if you are experiencing anything similar to these, then you should go for replacing the fan. And we will get the product right here.

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Take everything out of the freezer and fridge, unplug it and let it thaw for 24 to 48 hours, if you remove the cover inside the freezer and find the coils completely filled with frost. Plug-in the fridge back, when all the frost is melted away. Normally near the floor on the back of most refrigerators, the refrigerator condenser fan and compressor located, and come on when the thermostat calls for more cooling. It could mean the condenser fan is stuck or worn out or that the relay or compressor is bad, if you don’t hear the compressor running after the door has been left open for a while. Learn how to replace the evaporator fan below.

Step By Step guidance for replacing the refrigerator evaporator fan:-

Step 1: Remove Cover fix refrigerator

To inspect the refrigerator evaporator, remove the cover. The plastic plugs are used to cover the screws so that you pry out.

Step 2: Remove Fan Cover – fridge won't cool fan cover

Remove the screws that hold it in place, if your refrigerator has a fan cover. Now to reach the fan, remove the cover.

Step 3: Remove evaporator fan fridge freezer fan

If it's noisy or doesn't spin, replace the evaporator fan. But make sure to unplug the refrigerator first. The screws that hold the fan, remove those from the wall of the freezer.

Step 4: Re- install freezer fridge condenser fan

Remove the old fan and replace with new one. After removing it from the old one, re-attached the mounting bracket with the new fan, then you can switch the wires to the new fan.

Step 5: Install new condenser fan fridge

Reinstall the fan by screwing the new fan to the bracket and bracket in the fridge. Plug in the fridge now and check when everything is going well.

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