How to Replace Oven Door Hinges?

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PartsFPS is sharing the installation or the replacement of different parts of the oven on regular basis. Our today’s topic is – the installation process of door hinges. This guide shows how to replace oven door hinges, if it is not working properly.

For replacing the door hinges on a range or wall oven, this DIY repair guide gives step-by-step instructions. To open and close smoothly and at a controlled rate, the oven door hinges helps the door. If a hinge is damaged or bent, the oven door won't close properly or won't stay closed. Then there is no other option unless you replace both door hinges using manufacturer-approved replacement parts.

Basic Precautions before you begin the repair work:

  • • Let the oven cool before you begin the work of installing oven door hinges.
  • • To protect your hands wear work gloves.
  • • Have both hinges on hand before beginning this repair
  • • The hinges and tension springs should match properly as the door hinges are usually replaced in pairs.

Now let’s start the main part of the installation process.

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1. Remove the door

Fully open the oven door. To the unlocked position on both sides of the door, use a slot screwdriver to pry down the locking tabs. Raise the door which is about 1/4 open, to the broil stop position. To remove the door, grip both sides of the oven door and then lifts up and out.

2. Have to remove the handle

Your next step is to place carefully the oven door face down but make sure that the surface must be a padded surface. Remove the screws by using the type of screwdriver that fits the screws that secure the door handle to the top of the oven door. Now you can easily remove the handle.

3. Remove the inner door panel

Lift the inner door panel assembly off the outer door panel by removing the screws at the bottom of the oven door. And set the inner door panel on the padded surface.

4. Now remove the hinge

Remove the 2 screws that secure each hinge in place, from the inner oven door panel. Remove the hinge by pulling the hinge up and out of the inner door panel.

5. Insert the new door hinge

Now you can place the new oven door hinge in the inner door panel assembly. Tighten the screws firmly by inserting the screws in the new door hinge.

6. Reassemble the door panels

Now above the outer door panel and frame position the inner door panel assembly. Then lower the inner door panel assembly carefully into place. To secure the inner door panel assembly to the outer door panel frame, insert the screws at the bottom of the door.

7. Re-install the handle

At the top of the door position the door handle. To hold the door handle in place, insert the screws and loosely tighten the screws.

8. Reattach the door

Fix the oven door hinges back into the receivers by positioning the door in the broil position on the front of the range frame. Rotate the hinge locking pins into the locked position by keeping the door fully open. Close the oven door.

Make sure that you have tightened all the screws properly. Hope that with help of this guide you can successfully replace your broken oven door hinges.