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 Oven Heating Element | How do you fix a broken heating element in an oven? | Oven Parts and Accessories -PartsFPS

How do you fix a broken heating element in an oven?

The heating element is a tough old thing before the rest of the oven breaks down; it rarely needs to be replaced. You should not often have to replace your oven heating element. However, if your oven heating element has developed any fault and does need replacement, don’t worry. You should have absolutely no problem in changing the heating element yourself, replacing the oven element is not that difficult to do.

Let’s PartsFPS team help you to find all Oven Parts and Accessories for low Cost. Below we share the step by step procedure of the replacement and installation of the oven heating parts. Scroll down to know about the steps of installation of new oven element and get your job done!

Oven Heating Element | How do you fix a broken heating element in an oven? | Oven Parts and Accessories -PartsFPS

Step 1: Warm the Oven

Before you can install a new one, you have to take out the faulty heating element. To remove the faulty element you have to warm the oven as it will not be able to be removed correctly if the element is too cold. If the element is too cool, then there are chances of shatter in your hands. Turn off the oven when it is lightly warmed. Proceed with the removal when the element reaches skin temperature.

Step 2: Turn off the Oven Power

Make sure that the electrical current supply to your oven is turned off, to ensure safety in dealing with the heating element. Just as an additional precaution, you should also disconnect the power plug, or remove the power connection from the oven itself. The main thing is that make sure that the power is dead before you proceed. You can quickly do this by switching off the circuit breaker that supplies power to your oven.

Step 3: Remove the Heating Element

In order to safeguard your hands, use safety gloves at this point. These should be fairly obvious that you have to unscrew the connections that are connecting the heating element to the oven. And until you can see the electrical wiring, gently pull out the element. You should then unplug the heating element and take it away from the oven.

Step 4: Replace the Heating Element

You have to add the new oven heating element replacement parts once the removal of the faulty one is completed. You should have purchased the element as named in the oven's manual with the correct manufacturer's number. Plug-in the electrical cables into the plug on your element. Then screw it into position by placing the element inside the oven, and, using the same screws as were previously installed.

Step 5: Wrap-up the Job

The last step is to check whether the heating element is working correctly or not. Turn the circuit breaker back to power and plug the oven back into the wall. You should then warm the oven, and to check whether the element is heating up keep the door of the oven open. By placing your hand carefully, you can check whether the heat is increasing or not. Turn off the oven until you need it; once the element is getting warm.

If you are here means you have successfully replaced your faulty old oven heating element with the new one. Well done!

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