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When you are opening a new restaurant, you need to focus on the kitchen equipment list. At the time of starting a business, you may think about a lot of things so that there may be a chance to forget essential tools that are required to operate your business.

To help you, we have provided the essential kitchen equipment for a restaurant checklist.

Of course, the list of the essential tools depends on what type of food and what type of service you offer. It doesn't matter, what type of restaurant you start, you should need certain cooking, preparation, and storage equipment to run a commercial kitchen as efficient and successful.

Essential Kitchen Equipment for Restaurant

You can go through our commercial kitchen equipment list by clicking on the below links directly.

  • Cooking Equipment
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Storage Equipment and Shelving
  • Food Preparation Equipment
  • Ranges/ Gas Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Ice Machine
  • Mixers
  • Sinks
  • Servingware

1) Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment plays a primary role in any restaurant. When selecting the cooking equipment for your restaurant, you must think about mostly what tools you are going to use. In those items, some may be less expensive and some more are highly expensive.

However, check out our restaurant cooking equipment list once.

a) Deep Fryer:

If you want to serve french fries, chicken tenders, and other frying items, you have to purchase a deep fryer. Frymaster is the best fryer to work efficiently.

b) Grills:

Whether you are planning pizzas or sandwiches or any other delicious food, commercial grills place an important role. These grills are available in various shapes, sizes, and types. Depending on the business type, the most popular grills are grouped into a few categories.

They are commercial gas ranges, countertop flat top griddles, induction cookers, and charbroilers. You should note that, if you have an outdoor terrace space, you can choose an outdoor grill, otherwise, you could opt for a commercial indoor grill.


This is important when you open for breakfast. A toaster is a must for bread and bagels toast.

d) Coffee Machine:

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages. So, you need to have a coffee brewer.

In addition to this equipment, you should have some other items in ample amounts to executing your entire menu in one shift. Pots of all sizes, pans, chef's knives, spoons in various sizes, mixing bowls, spatulas, whisks, tongs, baking pans, roasting pans & sheets, squeeze bottles.

This list may vary depending on the type of food you make.

2) Refrigerators and Freezers:

Refrigeration equipment is necessary for every commercial kitchen. It prevents your food from melting and spoiling. You need to select a good refrigerator to keep food fresh.

Freezers are also critical for inventory management because they're much more cost-effective as well as have more space.

While freezers and refrigerators are crucial, different types of restaurants require several features and capacities. A larger kitchen may take advantage of a walk-in cooler or freezer for a bulk amount of items.

And, single or double door reach-in refrigerator is enough for smaller establishments.

However, there is a wide range of commercial refrigerators and freezers to choose from, so that take your own time to decide the best one for your establishment based on the size, capacity, and then features will help ensure the quality of food you cook.

So, this piece is at the top of your list priorities.

3) Storage Equipment and Shelving:

You need storage equipment that keeps the ingredients, small wares, and other appliances safely in your kitchen. Restaurant storage equipment includes shelving, you can use this for storing dinnerware, dry ingredients, utensils, bags of flour pans, pots, and more.

You can also use shelving in the freezer or walk-in cooler for cold items storing.

Shelving comes under various sizes, materials, and configurations allowing you to customize your space. Most of the shelves are heavy duty and made of durable material which allows you to hold lots of items without buckling.

You should be careful while choosing storage racks/ shelves right material the first time because we can't change or replace it.

You may also need food storage containers, drying racks, and dunnage racks. Food storage tools are the multi-purpose tools because you can use them to mix up stocks or sauces, hold dry items, or store prepped ingredients.

Drying racks are made out of drying appliances so that you may dry your glassware, cookware, cutting boards, dinnerware, and much more by keeping them into the rack. For heavy products, dunnage racks are a perfect choice.

4) Food Preparation Equipment:

Depending on their menu and recipes, different restaurants may have various items on their kitchen equipment list. Prep tables, cutting surfaces, and counters are essential to your commercial kitchen because your staff will constantly use them for different types of cooking work.

Stainless steel is the best material for prep tables because they are sturdy and won't absorb any bacteria. And, for your cutting boards, plastic will be the best since it is not porous as wood. You can use prep tables as a surface for assembling dishes or prepping ingredients.

Many kitchens follow color-coded cutting boards that use red for meat, green for veggies, yellow for chicken, and blue for seafood.

5) Ranges/ Gas Stoves:

You also need ranges and ventilation as part of essential restaurant kitchen equipment. It will allow you to cook food in several methods in one piece. There are gas and electric type ranges. You can choose either gas or electric range as per your preference.

Gas ranges are known for their regulation of temperature. These are flexible because gas ranges will start at your desired heat immediately and give much more control than an electric one. They will continue to work even during a power failure. Drawbacks for these ranges are more difficult to clean and a higher chance of fire or gas leakage.

Electric ranges will give you high performance. Pros are easy to clean and more comfortable to cook food than gas ranges. Moreover, it reduces the risk of gas or fire leakage in your kitchen. But, you may get a hefty electricity bill while using electric ranges.

If your interest is on gas stove other than electric or gas range, you can prefer an Imperial gas stove that will give excellent output.

6) Ovens:

A microwave oven is a versatile piece of equipment for your restaurant. Now, you doubt what type of oven you have to buy, it will depend on the type of business and what food you will serve.

Size, quality, and function are the main factors to keep in mind when you choose the right oven for your establishment. Moreover, various types of ovens available in the market. These include commercial, convection, combination, pizza, and conveyor ovens.

Convection ovens have a fan and exhaust system that blow hot air around the food. They are the perfect appliance for toasting, roasting, dehydrating, and baking pies and cookies. You can use the regular oven for the foods that are made from batters such as cakes, custards, and bread.

7) Ice Machine:

If you want to serve beverages, you should have an ice machine in your kitchen equipment list for a restaurant. A freezer or refrigerator can't produce sufficient ice to meet your establishment needs. So, you have to purchase a dedicated and excellent ice maker.

Some commercial ice makers will produce the ice in large amounts and come with filtration options to ensure your ice is clean. As per our review, Manitowoc Ice Machine is working well and many restaurant owners prefer this appliance.

Also, you can get Manitowoc Ice Machine Replacement parts easily if any damages occur. Therefore, we suggest you use the Manitowoc Ice Machine in your restaurant and keep your operation smooth.

8) Mixers:

If your menu involves desserts or bread, the commercial mixer is useful equipment. Pizza shops and bakeries use these mixers frequently. While choosing the correct mixer, you have to consider the volume of food you will need and how frequently it will be in use.

There are hand mixers, floor mixers, and countertop mixers types available. You can buy a spiral mixer if you have to mix dense doughs like that of pizza or bagels. For other types of works, a versatile planetary mixer is enough.

Hobart Mixer is popular among other brands. This will work at high speed and your work will be finished quickly. So, purchase the Hobart Mixer and run it in your restaurant.

9) Sinks:

Sinks are essential for every restaurant kitchen. Mainly, you can use sinks for three purposes: food preparation, hand washing, and dishwashing. Moreover, these are necessary to meet health and safety requirements.

Different types of sinks that you might use in your establishment are bar, compartment, disposal, wash hand, mop, portable and drop-in sinks.

10) Servingware:

If there is no equipment to serve your customers, there’s no restaurant. So, you must need several plates, glasses, bowls, cups, and ramekins in all types of sizes and shapes. First, estimate the tables and how many customers you hope to serve at a time. Then, keep ready serving ware.

Along with the above appliances, you need to get a dishwasher, food holding utensils, kitchen display system, cleaning things, and some needed kitchen equipment for a restaurant.

Note: When you are having commercial kitchen equipment and they stop working due to parts damage, you can get those replacement parts from us. Yes, you have a chance to buy the required kitchen equipment parts for your restaurant at PartsFPS.

We sell any brand item including Star Mfg parts and BASO Parts at our store.


That’s all about the essential restaurant kitchen equipment checklist. Every restaurant is different and it will have specific needs. As a restaurant owner, you make sure to keep in mind your requirements and priorities when looking for kitchen equipment.

It's important to note that, your required equipment might not exist in our checklist. However, you must include items that you need

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