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Why Timer is Important for Frymaster?

why timer is important for frymaster

If you want to use Frymaster fryers in your restaurant kitchen, then look at the following content to get a basic awareness of fryer parts.

1. Why Timer is Important for Frymaster?

For maintaining a cook cycle in a Frymaster fryer, a timer is used. After the cook cycle is completed, the cooking basket automatically raises, with alarming sound. The display is shown as COOC. If you cancel the lift switch, the alarm will be switched off.

Try this Timer for Fry master 810-0585

Timer for Frymaster Part 810-0585


If unfortunately if you press, the basket lift switch, the cooking cycle will be canceled and Basket is lifted from the frypot.

Thermostat not working what to do:

If your thermostat is not working properly, here are some useful tips to troubleshoot its problem. In this way, you can resolve the problem yourself without a call for service.

a) If there is no heat:

  • Make sure that your thermostat switch is set to heat.
  • If you are using a programmable thermostat, it's programming should be correct for the specified temperature.
  • Check thermostat's batteries. Replace the old batteries with new ones if required.
  • Turn off the power and check whether there are loose wires. All wires must be connected securely.
  • Power off of the equipment for a few minutes and then again back on.

A thermostat best works with Basket Lift Motor 8065964SP

Basket Lift Motor for Frymaster Part 8065964SP

b) If there is no cool air:

  • Thermostat switches can be moved to the wrong settings. Make sure that switch should be at "cool".
  • Check for loose connections. If they have a loose connection, tighten them.
  • If it is the programmable thermostat, the programming should be correct for the preferred temperature at the specific time of day.
  • If batteries are completely dead, set new ones of the same power.

c) If heat or cool fan runs non-stop:

  • Change the thermostat switch to “fan auto”.
  • Also, check the loose wire connections and battery condition.

d) If the furnace or air conditioner cycles too slow or too fast:

  • If your thermostat is in a full sunshine area or near to outside doors, your thermostat causes to malfunction. So, you need to move the thermostat to a comfortable location.
  • Once you check the product manual and adjust the cycle time.

2. Importance of Ignition module in Frymaster:

An Ignition Module is a component in electronic ignition systems. It works as a contact breaker for the coils. It is used for the replacement of contact breakers. The main function of the ignition module is to break the flow of current through the primary winding of the ignition coil and generate high voltage output in the secondary winding.

Use this Anlog Cm/Elc Dv Cntrl 806-7423 for longlasting Frymaster

Anlog CmElc Dv Cntrl For Frymaster Part 806-7423

The motor of kitchen equipment will not run or start when an ignition module is failed. Due to this, the ignition module is responsible for activating the coil. Sometimes, the damaged ignition module caused to fuse or wiring problems. That's why the connections between the module and the coil, module and the battery and the module and sensors must be correct. However, ignition control must be to work properly to run your equipment properly.

3. How to Use Filter Paper?

Fryer filter paper is one of the essential materials for restaurants in day-to-day work. Filter Paper used to separate the little bit of cooked food and contaminants from the oil that causes to extend the life of your fry oil. This filter paper helps to save you money on replacement oil costs and creating a freshly fried food for your customers.

Apply this Filter paper 8030303 to save your frymaster

26X34 Filter Paper For Frymaster Part 8030303

You don't have to worry about how to use this filter paper in your Frymaster fryer. There is no need for cleaning the messy filter each time filtering. Simply through that used filter paper and grab a new one for the next time. But, you have to use the right size filter paper in a fryer.

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This is all about Why Timer is Important for Frymaster, in upcomingblogs we will update more data on this Topic.

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