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Top 4 Star Manufacturing Replacement Parts

4 star manufacturing replacement parts

Generally, most of the Electrical equipment faces problems with the damage of thermostats, thermopiles, deflectors, and motors. Hence, let’s have a look at these below Star Replacement Parts installation, causes of damage, etc. Here, we have updated info on the following parts:

Star Manufacturing Replacement Parts:

  1. Thermopile.
  2. Thermostat.
  3. Quartz Heater.
  4. Deflector

1. Thermopile:

A Thermopile is an electronic device that converts thermal energy into electrical energy. Thermopile uses thermocouples, usually connected in parallel or series.

Best thermopile that fits your Restaurant Machinery 2j-y9270

thermopile for star mfg part 2j y9270

Part Name: Star Mfg 2j-y9270 Thermopile

Part Number: 2J-Y9270

Manufacturer: Star

Part Type: Thermopile

Length: 36

Thermopiles are used for contactless temperature sensing. Its function is to transfer the heat radiation that is radiated from an object to the voltage output.

This is a very small output and generated in millivolts. Therefore, a Thermopile works as both a sensor and a generator. As a sensor, it determines a relatively low temperature.

And, as a generator, Thermopile generates electrical energy from heat.

a) How to Test and Replace a Thermopile?

First, test the thermopile with a digital multi-meter. If any problem observed, then replace it with a new one. Replacing a thermopile is not difficult.

Simply remove the two wires that link it to the gas control valve, and remove the nut that holds the thermopile. However, thermopiles replacement is less readily available than thermocouples.

2. Thermostat:

Coming to Thermostat Parts, it consists of two parts mainly: the base and the cover. The base provides fans and various switch functions. The cover protects the internal wiring of the thermostat from lint, dust and other contaminants.

We suggest a 2t-z16593 thermostat for multi-purpose machinery.

thermostat gs for star mfg part 2t z16593

Part Name: Star Mfg 2t-z16593 Gs Thermostat

Part Number: 2T-Z16593

Manufacturer: Star Manufacturing

Part Type: Thermostat

If anyone of these parts is broken, the thermostat may be damaged. When thermostat damages, it should replace it with a new element. Here, you can see how to install a new thermostat.

a) How to Install a New Thermostat?

  1. First of all, turn off the power of equipment.
  2. Remove the face of the old thermostat.
  3. Take a picture of the wire connections.
  4. Disconnect wires from the old thermostat.
  5. Remove the old mount.
  6. Put on the new thermostat mount and then connect wires as per previous.
  7. Screw faceplate mounts to the wall.
  8. Attach a new thermostat.
  9. Turn the power back to the equipment.
  10. Configure a new thermostat.

b) What are the Causes of Thermostat Break?

  • Overheating.
  • Sludge.
  • Age.
  • Minor defects.

3. Quartz Heater:

Quartz heater is an electric radiant heater. It has heating elements sealed in a quartz glass tube to radiate the heat in surrounding areas using infrared rays.

Quartz heater with Twin Quartz tube ht-197845 works best with all Electricals.

quartz heater for star mfg part ht 197845

Part Name: Star Mfg HT-197845 Quartz Heater

Part Number: HT-197845

Volts: 104

Manufacturer: Star Mfg

Part Type: Quartz Heater

This is a noiseless heater and is designed to keep you warm double with its heat settings. Moreover, easily portable. These heaters work on the radiation of heat principle.

A good quartz heater has a twin quartz tube and a heating indicator along with a safety tip for power off. The purpose of the quartz tube is to protect the heating element and to stop the escape of convection heat.

Whether you are looking to buy a new quartz heater, select our PartsFPS store.

4. Deflector:

Replace your Equipment Deflector with 2f-z3036 Deflector for the best Performance.

deflector for star mfg part 2f z3036

Part Name: Star Mfg 2f-z3036 Deflector

Part Number: 2F-Z3036

Manufacturer: Star

Part Type: Deflector

Metal Type: Cast Iron

Star Mfg designs and manufactures all types of equipment for commercial kitchens. It was established in 1921 with popcorn equipment manufacturing.

After that, it's products are being pro-longed with various types of appliances for commercial kitchens. Star Mfg products include fryers, charbroilers, griddles, food warmers, hot plates, ovens, sandwich grills, and more.

Star Manufacturing making high quality and durable kitchen equipment since its establishment.

In producing countertop gas & electric commercial kitchen equipment, popcorn machines, hot dog preparation, food warmers, toasters, display merchandisers, and waffle bakers, Star has cornered the market.

Star is a preferred supplier of commercial kitchen equipment for stadiums and arenas across the world.

Hot dogs and popcorn are high demand foods in the traffic areas. Moreover, Star is trusted for this business and thus it became a massive revenue generator.

Star also supplies spare parts for their equipment. All equipment should have the right parts to work properly. So, it supplies all replacement parts to commercial kitchen equipment.


These are the Top 4-star Manufacturing Replacement parts, in upcoming blogs, we will update more data on these parts. PartsFPS is the best web-store to purchase your required Star Manufacturing Replacement Parts.

Such as thermopiles, thermostats, max thermostats, deflectors, grill thermostats, quartz heaters, bearing assembly kits, 3 position switches, 125amp terminal blocks, 12 Pos terminal blocks, and many more parts.

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