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How To Light Pilot On Southbend Oven?

Southbend ovens are the best when it comes to kitchen appliances. Their products are being chosen by many businesses as they are reliable and durable. They design their products for diverse commercial purposes. Southbend ovens and ranges have been appreciated by many chefs for their precision and efficiency. They design and manufacture their products keeping in mind various kitchen sizes and hence are compatible with any room size. Out of all Southbend cooking products, their oven is said to be a must-buy by many of their customers. In this post, we will make you learn how to light pilot on Southbend oven.

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Types of Southbend Ovens

Southbend makes Convection ovens. They are categorized into two types. They are:

Gas Convection Oven

In a Southbend gas convection oven, the air is heated by the burning of gas and is sent into the chamber. It is sent into the chamber by the use of a fan. Then this hot air surrounds the food and helps in heating it evenly all over. As this is a heat transfer that includes hot air which is fluid to heat food, it is called convective heat transfer, and this kind of oven is called a gas convection oven.

Electric Convection Oven

In a Southbend electric convection oven, the air is heated by the electric coils and is sent into the oven chamber. Same as in the gas convection oven a fan makes this heated air enter the chamber. Then this hot air is surrounded by the food that is placed in the chamber and heats it resulting in even cooking. This hot air is usually passed out through the exhaust vent. As the source of heat is electricity, we call it an electric convection oven.

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The ovens are not only convectional but are conventional too!

It means they are using the same process which is being used since ancient times in all civilizations. Though the sources of power which are gas and electricity are modern, the process of using convection to cook food is ancient.

If you wonder what is another way of cooking food, it is by conduction which happens on a stove or a Southbend ranger. There, we place food on a pan or a stove and heat it from under and as the heat transfer is between solids which are pan and food, it is called a conductive heat transfer.

How to Light the Pilot on a Southbend Oven

So, now to light the pilot on the Southbend oven, here are a few steps. 

1. To light the oven first thing you should make sure is the hood system is on.

2. Next, you have to check and make sure that the oven is turned off.

3. Then you can engage the gas main for the entire kitchen but make sure that the exhaust fans are 'on' when cooking.

4. And then finally, you will go behind the oven and make sure that the gas valve to the oven that you are about to work on is open.

5. Now to light the stove, you will take your stick lighter, then you need to get down on the floor to open up the cover.

6. Light your stick lighter and then hold down the safety valve.

7. Then put the fire at the pilot till you see the pilot light start.

8. You should have to hold the safety valve down for about a minute to make sure that the gas is flowing freely.

9. After that minute, you can close the cover, turn the oven on and set the temperature according to your need.

10. So, that's how you light the pilot of the Southbend oven.

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As ovens are one of the most used kitchen appliances, it's very important to know all aspects and how to make use of them. Hence this is the detailed stepwise procedure of how to light pilot on Southbend oven. We hope our blog helps you in making the best use of your oven.



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