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How To Reset TurboChef Tornado - PartsFPS

Turbochef is a well-known brand when it comes to manufacturing Ovens. They are popular as the world's quickest ovens. Even global companies like Starbucks and Subway use Turbochef in their kitchens. Turbochef ovens made the chefs broaden their menus in a big way. We can pre-cook the dishes and heat them just before dining at restaurants. This gives way for the effective use of time in our busy modern lives. Especially in restaurants and hotels, food can be served hot right after taking the orders. Here’s the blog describing How to reset Turbochef Tornado oven and other aspects regarding ovens.

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How to Reset Turbochef Tornado?

There are many good models of Turbochef ovens like the Turbochef Tornado. The Turbochef ovens are more spacious, efficient, and user-friendly. They are very well-optimized kitchen tools. They are very quick in its function which saves time for the user.

Categories of  Turbochef Ovens

Turbochef came up with ventless ovens. They are:

1. Ventless rapid cook ovens

2. Ventless high-speed conveyors

3. Ventless high-speed impingement ovens

4. Ventless automation

Turbochef‘s energy consumption is low compared to many other general brand models out there in the market. But, timely maintenance of the oven is also important, Here's the description of the process of resetting the Turbochef Oven.

Some of the popular Turbochef  oven models are:

Turbochef oven models

1. Double Batch.

2. Double Batch Marine Impingement Oven.

3. Fire Artisan Pizza Oven.

4. Fire Marine Artisan Pizza Oven.

5. PLEXOR Automated Ventless Oven.

6. Single Batch.

These ovens work on impinging heated air over the food that needs to be cooked. This is nothing but the conventional heating method.

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Conventional Oven Types

However, the traditional convection ovens come with vents and are of two types. They are:

Gas Convection Oven

In a convection oven, the air is heated by the burning of gas and is sent into the chamber. It is sent into the chamber by the use of a fan. Then this hot air surrounds the food and helps in heating it evenly all over. As this is a heat transfer that includes hot air which is fluid to heat food, it is called convective heat transfer, and this kind of oven is called a gas convection oven.

Electric Convection Oven

In an electric convection oven, the air is heated by the electric coils and is sent into the oven chamber. Same as in the gas convection oven a fan makes this heated air enter the chamber. Then this hot air is surrounded by the food that is placed in the chamber and heats it resulting in even cooking. This hot air is usually passed out through the exhaust vent. As the source of heat is electricity, we call it an electric convection oven.

The ovens are not only convectional but are conventional too! It means they are using the same process which is being used since ancient times in all civilizations. Though the sources of power which are gas and electricity are modern, the process of using convection to cook food is ancient.

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Turbochef Tornado Oven Resetting

To reset the oven we need to turn off the oven and then we should also pull the plug that is connecting to the power source also off. You should always be cautious when you are dealing with a power source. Do not touch the oven switches or plug with wet hands and it is always better to wear rubber slippers and gloves when dealing with a faulty oven.

Anyway, regular checks and timely oven maintenance are the keys for the appliance to function at its optimum level and to be more durable. That is why knowing about Turbochef tornado oven resetting is important.       


To function properly, necessary regular maintenance is always suggested for any appliance. So, Clean the oven regularly by plugging it off from the power source. we have also written a blog on how to troubleshoot a turbochef tornado for your reference. So, We hope this post helps you in figuring out many things regarding ovens and resetting your Turbochef Tornado Oven.


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