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Turbochef is a well-known brand when it comes to manufacturing kitchen appliances. Especially in the chef groups it is so revered and preferred. Turbochef ovens made the chefs broaden their menus in a big way. We can precook the dishes and heat them just before dining. This gives way for the effective use of time in our busy modern lives. Especially in restaurants and hotels food can be served hot right after taking the orders.

However, regular checks and timely oven maintenance are the keys for the appliance to function at its optimum level and to be more durable. So, here’s the description of troubleshooting Turbochef Tornado.

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Turbochef Tornado Troubleshooting

There are many good models of Turbochef ovens but Tornado model became more successful among them. The Turbochef Tornado is more spacious, efficient, and user-friendly. It is a very well-optimized kitchen tool. It is very quick in its function which saves time for the user.

Tornado’s energy consumption is low compared to many other general brand models out there in the market. But, timely maintenance of the oven is also important, Here's the description of some error codes and the reason for each particular error in the process of troubleshooting Turbochef Tornado.

F1 Blower

This is the first error code of the Turbochef Tornado oven that refers to a local electrical problem that doesn't allow the oven to power on. We should reset the circuit breaker first to resolve this issue. After resetting the oven, take the oven power plug out for a couple of minutes before turning the oven off. At last, unplug for a couple of minutes before again plugging the oven and turning it on.

F2 Low Temp

One of the reasons for this error is also the issue with the breaker. To fix this issue, check the breaker and reset it and clean any material deposited while cooking. Apart from that, avoid cooking food on the platter directly. This will help in the cleanliness of the oven and the hygienic state of the equipment.

F3 Magnetron Current Low

This kind of error code indicates a breaker trip or a defective circuit in the microwave. In this case, first turn the oven mode off and wait for 2 minutes. Then plug off the oven and leave it for 2 minutes. After that plug the oven in and wait for 2 minutes and turn the oven mode on. This will make sure the error is rectified.

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F4 Monitor

This error indicates that the door is open while the food is being cooked or the switches of the door are not working. This is a bit complicated issue and needs proper instructions. The instructions vary from model to model. So, please check the manual given by the manufacturer to fix the issue.


F5 Mag Temp

This error code implies the blockage of the rear cooling fan exhaust which avoids the cool air flow entering the oven. To get this issue fixed check for obstructions around the vents of the fan. Next, clean the filters of the rear fan if needed. After that follow the additional steps that are indicated in the user's manual if necessary.



F6 EC Temp

This error code has the same reasons that were explained in the previous error. That is the prevention of cool airflow because of any obstruction or the debris in the filters. So check them properly and rectify them if needed. Then follow the additional steps if there are any.

So, these are some common errors we see when troubleshooting Tornado oven.

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To function properly, necessary regular maintenance is always suggested for any appliance. So, Clean the oven regularly by plugging it off from the power source. Troubleshoot the oven at regular intervals of time. This will ensure the proper function of the appliance. Hope our post helps you in troubleshooting your Turbochef Tornado successfully.


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