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manitowoc ice machine installation

Are you looking to know the Manitowoc ice machine installation procedure? Here, you can find the steps to install your ice machine. The ice machine should be installed as per instructions. Moreover, the connection to drains, water service, electrical service, and grounding should compatible with the applicable local and state codes. Read this blog to complete Manitowoc ice machine installation steps simply.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Installation Process

Find out the guidelines on Manitowoc ice maker installation.

Location Requirements

The location where you want to install the ice machine must meet the following criteria. If any of these criteria are not met, you have to choose another location.

  • The place should be free of airborne and other contaminants.
  • Ensure that the air temperature is between 40°F to 110°F.
  • For a remote air-cooled ice machine, the temperature must be minimum -20°F and maximum of 120°F.
  • The location should not be near the heat-generating equipment. Although, should not be in direct sunlight and be protected from the weather.
  • The location must not be obstructed airflow through or around the ice maker. You can check the clearance specifications in the manual for your specific model.

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manitowoc water vnlet valve

Bin Installation

  • All models of ice machines installed on a bin will require an ice deflector.
  • Manitowoc bins have a deflector installed and no need of modifications when used with a forward facing evaporator.
  • Ice machines with multiple evaporators need a deflector kit.

Dispenser Installation

  • For ice machines that match the dispenser size, there is no need for an adaptor. Unless required by the manufacturer.
  • No deflector is required.
  • While installing a dispenser, a bin thermostat is recommended to control ice level.

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Leveling the Ice Storage Bin

  • You have to remove the threaded plug from the drain fitting.
  • Screw the leveling legs onto the bottom of the bin. The legs must be screwed in tightly to prevent them from bending.
  • Screw the foot of each leg in as far as possible.
  • Now, move the ice storage bin into it's final position.
  • Level the storage bin to assure that the bin door closes and seals properly. You can use a level on the top of the bin. Turn the base of each foot as necessary to level the bin.
  • Manitowoc bins comes with a closed-cell foam gasket installed along the top surface of the bin. So, you have to inspect the bin gasket before ice machine installation.
  • Remove all panels such as front panels, top cover, left and right panels from your machine before lifting and installing them on the bin.

Electrical Requirements

Coming to voltage, the maximum allowable voltage variation is ±10% of the rated voltage at ice machine start-up.

Ice machine's wire routing and ground must be done according to the local, state and national electrical codes. Also, observe the following things.

  • The ice machine must be grounded.
  • Use a separate fuse or circuit breaker for the machine.
  • Inspect all green grounded screws in the control box and ensure that they are tight before starting your ice maker.

Minimum circuit ampacity

It is used to select the wire size of the electrical supply. Minimum circuit ampacity is not the machine's running amp load.

The wire size depends on the location, length of run, materials used and so on. Hence, it is better to take the help of a qualified electrician to determine.

Ground fault circuit interrupter

GFCI or GFI protection is a system that shuts down the electric circuit when it senses an unexpected loss of power. Normally, Manitowoc doesn't recommend this ground fault circuit interrupter circuit protection system. But, if your local code recommends, then you can use it.

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Water Supply and Drain Connections Requirements

To inhibit scale formation, filter sediment and remove chlorine odor as well as taste, you may provide the water treatment.

Water Inlet Valves

When you are installing the arctic pure water filter system, check the installation instructions given with the filter system for ice making water inlet connections.

  • Make sure not to connect a hot water supply to your ice machine.
  • If the pressure of water exceeds 80 psi, get the water pressure regulator from the manufacturer.
  • You need to install a shut-off valve for both ice-making and condenser water lines.
  • Insulate water inlet lines for preventing condensation.

Drain Connections

You must take care when installing drain lines for preventing drain water from flowing back into the machine and storage bin. Follow the below guidelines when you are installing drain lines.

  • Drain lines should have a 1.5-inch drop per meter and should not create traps.
  • The floor drain needs to be large enough to accommodate drainage from all drains.
  • You have to use separate bin and ice maker drain lines and insulate them to prevent condensation.
  • Vent the bin and ice machine drain to the atmosphere. No need to vent the condenser drain on water-cooled model machines.

Cooling Tower Application for Water Cooled Models

You must know about the heat rejection amount and the pressure drop through the inlet and outlet valves when using a cooling tower on your ice machine.

  • Water flow through the condenser should not exceed 19 liters per minute.
  • Water entering the condenser must not exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A pressure drop between the condenser water inlet and outlet of the machine be at 7 psi.
  • Water exiting the condenser won't exceed 110°F.

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For further more assistance on Manitowoc ice machine installation, refer to the owner’s manual.

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