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manitowoc indigo troubleshooting and error codes

Manitowoc Indigo model ice machines are one of the most popular models used for residential and commercial purposes as well. However, you should know how to diagnose an issue based on the error code the ice machine displays. Here is an article for a list of Manitowoc Indigo error codes & their meanings and troubleshooting.

Manitowoc Indigo Error Codes

E01 : Long Freeze Cycle.

E02 : Long Harvest Cycle.

E03 : Input Power Loss - When power to the Indigo ice machine has lost, the control board will log the event in the ELOG and determines the loss of power on power-up.

E04 : High Condenser Temperature or Water Condenser Fault.

E05 : High-Pressure Control Opened - The high pressure cutout switch (HPCO) has opened three times in a 4-hour period.

E07 : Starving TXV Single Evaporator or Low on Charge. Ten consecutive occurrences where the difference of average evaporator inlet T3 and outlet T4 is greater than 12 degrees Fahrenheit in the last one minute of the freeze cycle.

E08 : TXV Fault Single or Dual Circuit Evaporators.

E09 : Flooding Evaporator Fault Single Evaporator/ Single Circuit.

E10 : Flooding Evaporator Fault Dual TXV or Dual Circuit.

E11 : Refrigeration Fault. The compressor discharge temperature didn't increase by at least one degree F and the evaporator temperature.

E12 : Curtain Switch Fault. The machine is set for ice making and remains in bin full condition for more than 24 hours.

E15 : Fan Cycle Control Fault - Low Liquid Line Temperature. If the liquid line temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time exceeding continuously for a minute during the freeze cycle.

E16 : Remote Condensing Unit Fault (CVD Only). If the liquid line temperature drops below 40 degrees F or exceeds 140 degrees F for more than a continuous minute during the freeze cycle.

E19 : Ice Thickness Probe Fault. The monitored frequencies are out of the appropriate range. There might be a problem with the microphone.

E20 : Water System Fault.

E21 : T1 Fault -Temperature Sensor Issue.

E22 : T2 Temperature Sensor Issue.

E23 : T3 Temperature Sensor Issue.

E24 : T4 Temperature Sensor Issue.

E25 : Bin Level Probe Low Sensor Fault. Each thermistor reading is monitored continuously by using six-second average values. When a thermistor has a 6-second average value outside of the valid range for more than 10 continuous minutes, you will see this code.

E26 : T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue.

E27 : T6 or T7 Temperature Sensor Issue.

E28 : AUCS Fault - When the AUCS clean option is selected from the menu, the control checks for the presence of the AUCS board. If the AUCS is not detected, it signals as AUCS.

E29 : USB communication error, no USB drive in port, or defective USB drive.

E30 : USB download error related to a USB drive or a defective USB drive.

E31 : Safe Mode. Safe mode allows the ice machine to operate for a period of time in the event of ITP sensor failure.

E32 : RS485 Communication Fault. The device plugged into the RS485 port is not communicating with the control board and gateway

E33 : Touchscreen Fault.

E34 : Display Fault.

E36 : Check Sum Error.

E37 : Watch Dog Event.

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Manitowoc Indigo Troubleshooting Common Problems

Ice Machine Won’t Operate

  • No electrical power to the machine or condensing unit - Check the fuse and circuit breaker. Also, ensure that the main switch is turned ON.
  • High-pressure cutout tripping - You have to clean the condenser coil.
  • Energy saver programming is stopping the unit - Check and reset to factory defaults.
  • Water curtain off/ stuck is open - You should install the water curtain and make sure it swings freely.
  • Indigo not turned on - Inspect and press the power or start button. The display must indicate "Making Ice".
  • Dispenser level thermostat is open (for IB models) - Adjust the thermostat to set the correct dispenser level.

If your Manitowoc Indigo ice machine stops and restarts when you press the power switch, the safety limit feature stopping the machine. So, you have to refer to the details on the safety limit switch in the Manitowoc indigo service manual.

Ice Machine Not Releasing Ice

  • Dirty unit - If your ice machine is dirty, clean and sanitizes it.
  • The machine is not level - Asses and level the unit.
  • The low air temperature around the machine's head section - Make sure air temperature at least 2°C.
  • Water regulating valve incorrectly adjusted or will not close - Check for water at condenser drain outlet in harvest cycle. Adjust or replace the valve if water is present.

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Ice Machine Doesn't Cycle into Harvest Mode

  • The six-minute freeze time lock-in has not expired yet. So, wait until it expires.
  • Ice thickness probe is dirty - Clean and sanitize the machine.
  • Ice thickness probe is disconnected or out of adjustment - Connect the probe to the control board or adjust it.
  • Uneven ice fill - Verify the sufficient water level in the pump trough. Also, check the refrigeration system with the help of a technician.

Poor Quality Ice

  • Poor water quality might be the reason for this problem. So, test the water quality and follow appropriate filter recommendations.
  • Water filtration is poor - If it is, you have to replace the filter.
  • Dirty ice machine - Clean and sanitize as well.
  • The water dump valve is not working - Disassemble and clean the dump valve.

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Low Ice Capacity

  • Water inlet valve filter screen is dirty - Remove it and clean the filter screen.
  • Incoming water supply is shutdown - Turn on the supply valve.
  • Water inlet valve stuck is open or leaking - Tap the power button and turn off the machine. If water continues to enter the water trough, then you need to replace the water inlet valve.
  • Dirty condenser - If the condenser dirty, clean it.
  • High air temperature entering into the condenser - Check the temperature range chart for your model in the manual.
  • The harvest assist air compressor is not functioning - You have to contact a professional to take the service.


If this Manitowoc Indigo error codes and troubleshooting guide is not helped to fix your ice machine’s problems, you can call for service. When you have to go through the Manitowoc Indigo ice machine parts replacement, shop at PartsFPS for original items. Get OEM and low-cost Manitowoc parts online for your ice machine.

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