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blodgett oven installation

Blodgett ovens represent the latest advanced technology in energy efficiency, reliability, and ease of operation. In these ovens, heat is normally lost and is recirculated within the cooking chamber before being vented from the oven that resulting in substantial reductions in energy consumption and enhanced oven performance. However, in this blog, we have updated the process for Blodgett oven installation. Take a look at this complete post.

Blodgett Oven Installation Procedure

Cooking in a Blodgett convection oven is different from cooking in a conventional deck or range oven since heated air is constantly recirculated over the product by a fan in an enclosed chamber. The moving air continually strips away the layer of cool air surrounding the product and quickly allowing the heat to penetrate. The result is a high-quality product, cooking at a lower temperature in a shorter amount of time. Now, check out how to install a Blodgett convection oven.

Before unpacking the oven, you should verify the damages in the package as well as unit.

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Oven Location

  • If you placed the oven at the proper level. Then, it will give the long-term operator convenience and satisfactory performance.
  • You need to maintain the below clearances between the oven and combustible or non-combustible construction.
    • Oven body right side - 1 inch.
    • Body left side - 1 inch.
    • Oven body back - 7.5 inches
    • Body bottom - 4.5 inches
  • Make sure there will be an adequate air supply to the oven to provide a sufficient flow of combustion and ventilation air.
  • The area where you have to place the oven that should be free of drafts.
  • Try to keep the area free as well as clear of all combustibles such as cardboard, paper, solvents, and flammable liquids.
  • Don't place the unit on a curb base or seal to a wall. Because this will restrict the flow of air and prevent ventilation. An excessive ambient temperature on the right side of the oven caused to tripping of the blower motor's thermal overload device. So, you should correct this condition to avoid permanent damage to the unit.
  • Make sure, the location provides sufficient clearance for the air opening into the combustion chamber.

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Leg Attachment

  • Need to push your oven onto a lift with the bottom of the unit down.
  • Align the threaded stud in each leg with the nut located inside each bottom corner of the oven's frame. Now, turn the legs clockwise and tighten to the nearest full turn.
  • You have to align the two-leg plate holes in each leg with those in the oven bottom. Fix the leg with two 1/2" bolts.
  • Now, level the Blodgett oven by screwing the adjustable leg feet in or out as necessary.

Caster Assembly

Install the locking casters on the front of the unit and non-locking casters on the back of the oven. First, attach the legs as given above. Pry the adjustable feet out of the legs.  Insert one caster into each leg. After that tighten the lock nuts to secure the casters.

Blodgett Oven Assembly

  • Secure the short legs to the bottom sections.
  • Place the upper section in position on top of the lower oven.
  • You have to place the clips over the edge of your oven frames.
  • Tighten the clips by bolting together with 3/8" bolts and nuts provided.
  • Now, attach the flue connector.

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Oven Leveling

After completion of the assembling process, your oven should be leveled and moved to the operating location. It can be leveled by adjusting casters or feet located on the bottom of each leg.

On gas oven models, the installation of a proper ventilation system can't be over-emphasized. This system will remove unwanted vapors and products of combustion from the operating area.

Draft Hood Installation

Ovens ordered with direct venting are supplied with a draft hood. You need to install the draft hood as follows:

  • Place the draft hood over the flue connector.
  • Secure both ends with the sheet metal screws provided in the package.

Gas Piping

A properly sized gas supply system is essential for maximum oven performance. The piping must be sized to supply adequate gas to meet the maximum demand of all appliances on the line without loss of pressure on the equipment. You can check the BTU values on your owner's manual.

Gas Host Restraint

If the Blodgett oven is mounted on casters, you should use a commercial flexible connector with a min of 1.9 cm inside diameter along with a quick-connect device.

You will get this restraint along with the oven that is used to limit the oven's movement. So, no strain is placed upon the flexible connector. Installation of the restraint with a fully stretched connector is easy and quick connect.

The restraint should be attached without damaging the building. Don't use the electrical conduit or gas piping for the attachment of the restraint's permanent end.

Mount the bracket to the leg bolt just below the gas inlet. And, attach the clip-on restraining cable to the mounting bracket.

Final Words

That’s all about Blodgett oven installation. However, the installation should be done by a professional or expert to avoid dangerous problems. If you need further more assistance, you can refer to your Blodgett oven manual. Installation instructions may vary from model to model.

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