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bakers pride convection oven troubleshooting

Bakers Pride offers a variety of gas and electric commercial convection ovens to fit all your kitchen needs. They are built to last and cook food consistently and evenly. It's not a matter of how much quality it has. Every kitchen equipment unit will get damages in the future. If you are one of those who have facing problems with the Bakers Pride convection oven, get some tips from here to fix issues of the oven. Check our Bakers Pride convection oven troubleshooting guide below.

Bakers Pride Convection Oven Troubleshooting

If you are having basic and common Bakers Pride convection oven problems, try our troubleshooting tips to fix the problem simply.

Oven Not Getting Heat

Your Bakers Pride convection oven may not has electrical power. So, you have to check whether your oven is receiving electricity or not. You need to verify the power outlet, sources, circuit breaker, fuses, etc. If the circuit breaker is tripped, you should reset it. Sometimes, the fuse may be blown. If it is blown, you will need to replace the fuse.

If the power switch is on, but the control panel is in off mode, your oven doesn't get heat. Make sure to set the control panel to "Cook" or "Oven" on mode.

Check the door of the oven for open. If the door is open, your convection oven is not able to heat and doesn't cook your food. So, ensure that the doors will be closed.

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Bakers Pride Oven doesn't Come to Ready

The oven might not be reached the preheat temperature. You need to wait until the oven is reached the preheat temperature. If it is not meet to preheat specification, your oven does not begin the cooking cycle.

In addition, there may be an internal problem with the main temperature control. If so, you have to call the company authorized service center.

Convection Fan does not Run

It may because of no electrical power to the convection oven. So, check the electrical supply. If you are unable to do, call your local electrician to fix the power-related issues.

Check for circuit breaker. If it is tripped, reset the breaker by off and turning it back on.

See if the doors are open, make sure to close them immediately.

Also, verify the door switch. You can get the information on the oven door switch in the manufacturer's manual. Otherwise, contact an authorized technician.

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Some of the Bakers Pride Convection Oven Operating Instructions

Food Browns Unevenly

  • Improper heating temperature - Preheat the oven until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Several pans crowded together - Center pans on racks, or leave more space between all pans and oven walls.
  • Aluminum foil on rack or oven's bottom - You have to remove that foil.
  • Baking pan dark or glass - Set the lower temperature for this type of pan.
  • Baking pans too large - Try using a smaller pan.
  • Temperature is too low - You need to increase the temperature.
  • Very less time - Increase the bake time.

Food Dries before Browning

  • Oven temperature is too high - You should lower the oven temperature.
  • The door is opened frequently - Try to check the food less number of times.

Cookies are too Brown

  • Oven temperature too high - Decrease the temperature.
  • Pans too deep - Use a cookie sheet instead of a baking pan.
  • Dark cookie sheet - Try to use a light and shiny cookie sheet.

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Cookies are too Flat

  • The fan is set on high speed - Set the fan speed to low.
  • Hot cookie sheet - Allow the cookie sheet to cool between batches.

Cake is too brown on the bottom or crust forms on the bottom

If you are getting this problem, there might be oven temperature is too high. Make sure to lower the temperature. If you are using a glass or dark pan, lower the temperature to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cakes have light outer color

You may get this problem when the thermostat is set too low. To fix this, you need to raise the temperature.

Other Operating Instructions:-

Cake settles slightly in the center

Bake time is too short or bake temperature is too low - Increase the bake time or raise your oven temperature slightly. Do not open the doors of the oven for long periods.

Cake ripples

Batter is too thin or overloading pans - Thicken batter, reduce the load of pan.

Cakes are too coarse

Thermostat temperature is set too high - Decrease the temperature of the oven.

Pies have uneven color

Many pies in the rack - You have to reduce the number of pies per rack or eliminate the use of back pans.

For more operating instructions of your Bakers Pride convection oven, refer to the owner’s manual.


Hope the provided Bakers Pride convection oven troubleshooting and operational instructions helped you to keep your unit in perfect condition. If you are unable to fix the Bakers Pride oven problems yourself, you can contact a repair person or call the company service center. If you diagnose the issue with broken or damaged parts, replace them with new ones. PartsFPS offers OEM Bakers Pride oven parts with doorstep delivery.

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