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Welders are machines that apply heat to metal pieces to join them together or remove material from them. Welding is commonly used in manufacturing processes such as car production, shipbuilding, construction, and maintenance. Two types of welding machines are commonly found in industrial settings: Hobart welders and Vulcan welders. Which one is better? This blog Hobart vs Vulcan Welder is our attempt to present you with a comparison between the two brands.

Hobart Welder

Hobart Welders (also known as MIG welders) are generally considered to be the best type of welding equipment for general-purpose applications. These welders have been around since the early 1980s and were originally designed to work with aluminum and steel.

Vulcan Welder

Vulcan Welder (or TIG welders) are considered to be the best choice for high-quality welding applications. These welders are much newer than Hobart welders, having only been produced since the 1990s. Their primary advantage over Hobarts is their ability to weld nonferrous metals such as titanium and stainless steel.

Hobart vs Vulcan Welder

The difference between these two types of welders is mainly based on how they produce heat. In both cases, the heat is generated using either electricity or gas. However, the way the heat is transferred to the metal being joined varies significantly.

Working Method of Hobart Welder

In the case of Hobart welders, heat is generated by passing an electric current through a wire electrode in contact with the metal being welded. This creates an arc between the tip of the electrode and the metal, resulting in intense heat. Since the metal being heated is relatively close to the tip of the electrode, it takes less time for the molten metal to solidify once the arc is broken. As a result, the weld bead created by a Hobart welder tends not to be as wide as that of a TIG welder.

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Working Method of Vulcan Welder

TIG welders use a different method of producing heat. Instead of generating heat by passing electricity through a wire electrode, these machines generate heat by running an electrical arc between a tungsten electrode and the base material being welded. By doing this, the heat is generated at a distance from the weld area. Because the heat travels further away from the weld zone, the molten metal cools faster. As a result, Vulcan welders create wider beads than Hobart welders.

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While both types of welders can be used for many applications, Hobart welders are better suited for welding thin materials like sheet metal and pipe, while TIG welders are preferred for thicker materials like cast iron and stainless steel.

Welding Speed

Welding speeds differ depending on the type of welding equipment being used. A Hobart welder offers a wide range of welding speeds, whereas a Vulcan welder only offers two speeds.

Power Consumption

A Hobart welder uses less power than a Vulcan welder. This means that it requires fewer electrical outlets and does not drain electricity as often.


Maintenance costs vary based on the type of welding machine you choose. A Hobart welder requires less maintenance than a Vulcan welder, making it easier to maintain and prolong its lifespan.


Most manufacturers provide warranties for their products. These warranties guarantee that their product will work properly for a certain amount of time.

Price difference

Hobart welders are priced higher than Vulcan welders. However, they offer many advantages over Vulcan welders. Both types of welders use similar technology, however, the Hobart welding machine is much more expensive. If you’re looking for a quality welding machine at a reasonable price, then you should consider a Hobart welder.


Everything said, it's up to you to choose a welder that suits your needs and fits your preferences. However, both brands are very good at making their welders in different segments and have many models. So, we hope our blog Hobart vs Vulcan Welder helps you in your decision-making as to which one to go for.


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