How To Sharpen a Hobart Meat Slicer?


Hobart is a well-known brand in making kitchen appliances. Their products are being used in households and restaurants. Hobart meat slicer is one of their largely used products. This food slicer makes meat cutting as easy as fruit cutting. It is so precise in its function and durable in its build.

Well, below is the procedure of How to Sharpen a Hobart Meat Slicer in a few simple steps!

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How to Sharpen a Hobart Meat Slicer?

As in the case of every machine, this meat cutting machine also needs regular maintenance. The blades of the slicer lose their sharpness with everyday usage. So, it is very important to learn how to sharpen the blades of the slicer, to put it in optimum condition.

If the meat slicer is being used extensively i.e for commercial purposes, it should be sharpened every day. If it is just used in your house, once a month will be sufficient.

Things Needed to Sharpen the Hobart Meat Slicer

  • Sharpening stone
  • Alcohol
  • Cloth
  • Water
  • Lubricating oil

It is very important to be very cautious during the whole process as we are working with sharp things. Avoid making the slicing machine moist if it is the variant that works on current, to avoid a short circuit. It is better always to use a dry cloth to wipe it after cleaning.

Steps Before Sharpening

It is always better to do with the right kind of tools to get the job done quickly. So check whether your sharpener is up to the mark. Mostly it will be provided by the manufacturer with the product itself. If not the case, you purchase a good blade sharpener that has better reviews.

If the slicer has got sharpening stones, put the machine on them. Now you should clean the blade with alcohol or ethanol before we move into the sharpening part.

You can also clean it with water followed by cleaning with a dry cloth to make sure there is no dust or debris left. It will make way for the better sharpening of the blade.

Before you start the sharpening process, you should switch off the slicer and unplug it as a precaution. Then, you can remove the blade from the slicer and start applying sharpening oil to it. It is better to choose a good oil or a manufacturer prescribed one. Then reconnect the slicer to start sharpening.

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Install the sharpening stones

Locate the device lock button of the meat slicer. Refer to the user manual if necessary. After finding it, remove it from the base shaft by unscrewing it.

Install the sharpening stones in their position and screw the button back in the same place. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions as these devices have variants and the job in each one may be different.

Sharpening process

Keep the blade on the stones and tighten the lock knob to a point where you hear a click sound. This will make sure it is fully tight and we can start sharpening.

Then plug in the slicer to the power source and start sharpening the blade. For every 30 seconds of sharpening, you should leave a 4-second gap. This will prevent the blade from overheating due to friction. Do this 3 times and you are done. Do not overdo the sharpening as it causes the blade to wear and loose material.


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Steps After sharpening

For the slicer to function properly, you need to fix well everything back again from where you removed them.

After you finish the sharpening, remove the plug. Unscrew the lock knob and move the stones to the left side of the base shaft. Then, tighten the knob after turning the meat slicer to the right side of the shaft.

After fixing everything you should rinse it with alcohol. Then you can clean the slicer with clean water. This will remove all the debris created due to sharpening. Post cleaning you can pour some oil for the lubrication of the wheel. Now your Hobart Meat Slicer is as good as new.



For the Hobart Slicer to slice your meat precisely, it's better to clean it after using it each time. Sharpening the blades every two weeks will keep it well. Also lubricating the machine once a month keeps it in optimum functioning. We hope that our post helped you in making this sharpening process easy.


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