How To Clean Vulcan Gas Wall Heater?


A Vulcan gas wall heater is a heating device that will be operated on electricity and some specified gas. When you switch on the power, heat generates and the fan assists in spreading the heat throughout your space. Like other wall heaters, this one also requires proper maintenance. Are you curious to know how to clean Vulcan gas wall heater? Good, you are at the right destination. This guide describes about Vulcan gas wall heater cleaning.

How to Clean Vulcan Gas Wall Heater?

You should clean the gas heaters because they operate by pulling air from your room and circulating it inside the space. So, it can collect dust and debris over time from the appliances/ furniture of your house.

Regular cleaning is important to any heater for longevity when it is in use. If you switched on the heater without cleaning during summer, the wall heater will warm the dust and debris as well along with the air. It can create an unpleasant smell and decrease the unit's performance or become a fire hazard.

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Tips to Clean Vulcan Gas Wall Heater

For safety, you should turn off the power supply by turning off the breaker switch to the wall heater before starting cleaning. In this way, you can avoid accidental injury which is coming from contact with hot coils. After that, you have to find out the gas supply valve and rotate it off. Ensure that the pilot light is off before cleaning. The gas valve could be located behind the wall in the panel or basement.

You have to remember that the gas wall heater is build-up with many parts including fans, ducts, vents, thermostats and so on. While installing, they might be put together. Now, you will need to separate them all for cleaning. The best thing is to start your cleaning with small parts of your heater. Once you completed the cleaning of these parts, move to the bigger one.

Make sure you wipe the fan blades carefully. Moreover, ducts and fans require frequent cleaning due to most of the dust and debris are likely to accumulate there.

You should use a soft cloth and cleaning solution for your Vulcan gas wall heater cleaning.

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Vulcan Gas Wall Heater Cleaning

Initially, you have to remove the outer grill on the wall-mounted heater. Next, unscrew the unit's main cover from the top of the unit as per the instructions in the manual. You can find screws fixed at the corners. With a screwdriver, loosen them one by one and unlatch the cover from the top.

Detach the grill from the heater and take it out to a sink for cleaning purposes. By using a soft filament brush or cloth, you need to loose dust particles.

Dampen a sponge with warm water for cleaning the front and back parts of the grill. Don't use any flammable cleaning products or chemical-oriented products throughout the cleaning process as they can damage the filter and unit. Remove the water droplets with a soft, lint-free cloth. Let it dry sometime under the shade in a less humid environment.

Fetch a vacuum cleaner to clear dust and debris from the heater. Plug in a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment onto the end of the hose to pull out all dirt inside the corners gently. You can use a toothbrush for removing the dust where it is hard.

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After the interior surface is vacuumed adequately, you have to clean the pilot light assembly. This is where the small flame that lights the main burners. There is a device with two small holes which is roughly two inches down called Oxygen Depletion Sensor. ODS can collect dust and debris and caused to inhibit the sensing of the amount of oxygen in the room.

Take a can of compressed air and flush the hole to keep as debris-free. Next, find the main burner intake by following the gas supply tube where it meets the main burner. Now, you can notice a gap between the burner and the opening. You have to flush this gap.

Before closing your wall heater, once verify the burner port holes that are free of dust and debris.

If you are satisfied with everything and the grill is dry, return it to the heater. Keep the cover back to its position and reattach with the screws, tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Clean the grill surface and cover as well with a lint-free cloth.

At last, restore the power and turn on gas connections to the Vulcan gas wall heater.



It is recommended that the Vulcan wall mount heaters be cleaned at least twice a year. If the unit has no proper maintenance and cleanliness, it can't give the best output and depletes the system's life in the longer run. Also, caused problems. I Hope, you learned how to clean Vulcan gas wall heater. If not, take the help of an associate or check the owner's manual.

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