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How to Clean Hobart Dishwasher? - PartsFPS

how to clean hobart dishwasher

Hobart dishwashers are designed with high capacity to wash vast quantities of various utensils efficiently and effectively. However, the food debris, grease, and other dishware particles don't just magically vanish. Some of it gets flushed away and some amount gets stuck inside the machine. Regular cleaning is an important aspect to prolong your Hobart dishwasher's life and having satisfactory cleaning results. We will give some steps to learn how to clean Hobart dishwasher so that you can give your customers an excellent dining experience.

How to Clean Hobart Dishwasher?

Depending on your maintenance, the dishwasher life will be extended. Also, reduce the malfunctions that are caused to expensive problems. Cleaning dishes with a Hobart dishwasher is easy but like any other appliance, unless the machine is cleaned regularly the dishes can't become clean either. Moreover, dirty dishes can give a bad reputation to your business.

Now, you will have a look at the Hobart dishwasher cleaning process. These are the steps that you have to implement daily.

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Turn off power

When you need to clean, remove parts and remove waste, you should turn off the power. It is always a good practice to reduce the risk of accidents. Although, generally, commercial dishwashers will run automatically when doors are closed or with switch on.

Remove food residue

You should always scrape and remove waste as much as possible from your dishes before keeping them in the unit. Leaving this food residue on the utensils or dishes before loading the dishwasher result in avoidable clogs in your jets and filters.

Use the recommended detergent

When you are looking to reduce your daily business expenses, cheaper detergent powders may tempt you. So, don't deviate from your manufacturer's recommended detergent.

Drain Hobart Dishwasher

Drain the unit and empty the tank. Is your Hobart dishwasher is a high-temperature unit? It is recommended to open the doors and allow the interior to cool down before removing any parts.

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hobart ef3/ef4 drain valve

Clean Wash/ Rinse Arms and Jets

You need to clean the wash or rinse arms and jets with warm water. If you clean these parts, it will clear the blocked water holes with food debris. Once cleaning is done, you should replace jets and arms.

Additionally, you have to inspect the gears for wear as these could also limit the arm's rotational performance. When removing the wash or rinse arms, place items aside if there are any to avoid losing small pieces.  

Clean Interior

With a soft cloth or a brush, you need to wipe and clean the inside of the dishwasher. Door guides and corners needed to be cleaned. Take a scrap basket to scrape the debris. You can use a spray nozzle to rinse the interior with warm water.

Remove & Clean Baskets and Screens

Remove filters, baskets, and screens from the dishwasher. By using a brush, detergent, and warm water, clean them in a sink. Make sure, remove any food waste from the sink. This avoids a build-up of food waste in drains that may be caused by odor and damaged pipes.

Clean Spray Nozzles

You can use white vinegar as a cleaning agent will ensure that hard water does not buildup in nozzles.

Re-install Parts

Once you completed the cleaning of removed parts, replace them where they belong to. You can use Teflon tape while reinstalling the dishwasher parts if needed. Make sure all components should be in their correct positions.  

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Run Cleaning Cycle

When you have re-installed all parts back in place. Refill the tank and run a quick test cycle. This cleaning cycle will be used for two reasons, i.e.,

  • Allows for additional cleaning to the interior with premium detergent and fresh water, No debris.
  • You can find storage noises if any parts are not in their correct position so there will be a chance to adjust.

Leave Doors Open

By the end of the day, be sure to leave your dishwasher's door open. Also, remove curtains if there are placed. Make sure to drain the tank at the end of the day. If you allow the interior to dry, then the growth of bacteria will be decreased in your Hobart dishwasher.

How to Descale your Hobart Dishwasher?

With the result of hard water, the limescale will build upon various parts of your dishwasher. If the limescale is build-up, your machine doesn't clean dishes effectively. So, you should perform descaling process on your dishwasher periodically.

Be careful while beginning the Hobart dishwasher descaling process and you will need to have the protective gear. As chemicals in the descaling products can be caustic to the eyes, skin, and lungs, make sure to wear clothing that does not expose your skin to chemicals.

  • Fill the dishwasher with water.
  • Add the descaling product according to the instructions given on it.
  • Leave the solution for an hour.
  • Now, run a full wash cycle.
  • Check the machine if it has been descaled properly. If not, run one more cycle with the descaling product.
  • Once your dishwasher is free of limescale, drain the unit. After that, fill it up with fresh water and then run a rinse cycle.

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None of the steps mentioned above on how to clean Hobart dishwasher are difficult. So, you can follow them to keep your Hobart dishwasher clean and prolong it's life. However, when cleaning a dishwasher, you have to follow some manufacturer's instructions that are given in the manual.

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