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How to Clean a Hot Dog Roller Grill ? - PartsFPS

how to clean a hot dog roller grill

A commercial hot dog roller is the best choice when you want to heat a large batch of hot dogs or sausages. So, many foodservice centers such as restaurants, convenience stores, and stadiums use these hot dog roller grills. However, you should focus on maintenance to keep your unit in great working order. Also, proper cleaning ensures a clean environment in your establishment. The following tips will instruct you on how to clean a hot dog roller grill.

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How to Clean a Hot Dog Roller Grill?

Many people know about how to use a hot dog roller but they don’t aware of its cleaning process. So, here, we have updated some simple steps to clean the hot dog roller grill.

Regular Cleaning:

If you serve a lot of hot dogs, wipe down the machine every few hours to prevent a high amount of food residue as well as fat that is stuck to the rollers. Here are some easy instructions for the daily cleaning of hot dog roller grills.

  1. When the grill is off, turn on rollers and set the temperature to high, and let down rollers to heat until loosening grease and particles stuck to rollers. Otherwise, remove the divider kit to get access to rollers if applicable.
  2. Before you begin, you should use heat resistant gloves to avoid burning hands or fingers while wiping down.
  3. You have to use a soft damp cloth to wipe each roller. Start the wiping from the end of the grill and go towards the middle. You should not wipe into the end of the roller as this will cause to get the grease and particles into the bearings so that they may damage the machine mechanics. Moreover, as abrasive materials damage the coating on the rollers, never use abrasive materials or any powders to wipe down the grills.
  4. Once the grease and particles are removed, wipe the grill full of soapy water using a soft cloth as per the above step. This step is optional when you clean the machine between every use.

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Cleaning at End of the Day:

Follow these directions to clean and sanitize the unit each day after use.

  1. With the roller off, you have to remove the plug and allow it to cool before starting the cleaning.
  2. Moreover, remove any hot dogs that are remained on the roller.
  3. Check for the machine at its highest temperature setting and ON the rollers. The highest heat setting helps to remove the grease and food particles from the machine,
  4. After five minutes, change the heat setting to "low" or "hold". Now, using a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and hot water or cloth filled with ice wipe down the rollers. You should wipe with cloth from the edge to the center of the roller for avoiding grease and particles from getting to the bearings. Never use oven cleaners or abrasive materials on non-stick roller assemblies.
  5. After completion of wiping down the rollers, soak the cloth in soapy hot water. Again clean the rollers with this cloth with the following of the above step.
  6. Once it is finished, rinse the roller grill with a separate soft cloth.
  7. Separate the drip pan or accessories and clean them thoroughly with hot water and mild soap.
  8. Also, clean the outside of the unit with a soft cloth dampened with mild soap and hot water. You can wipe these stainless steel parts with a cleaner like gold medal watchdog stainless cleaner. You should not use oven cleaners as they will damage hot dog roller parts.
  9. Now, let it down for drying completely, or use a dry cloth to dry completely.
  10. Once the unit dry, you can install the removed drip pan or parts on the roller.

Roller grill cleaning pads and holders also available in the market for cleaning your machine. If you need any hot dog roller repair or replacement, you can take the help of an authorized service technician.

Hot dog roller replacement parts are needed when your machine got damaged or broken. So, identify the required parts when servicing the unit. Moreover, when ordering you have to check the part name, number, and quantity. PartsFPS sells hot dog roller parts so that you can purchase from us. Whatever you need, simply search with part number and get it instantly. Online order is available.

Maintenance Instructions:

The unit should be grounded properly to prevent electrical shocks. Never immerse any part of the hot dog roller in water. Although, do not use excessive water when cleaning. Always unplug the machine before cleaning. Read and follow the owner’s manual instructions thoroughly for installation and operation.

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Final Words:-

Hope you got the instructions on how to clean a hot dog roller grill. Still, if you have any doubt, you can check your manufacturer's manual to get detailed instructions. Remember that PartsFPS provides you original hot dog roller parts for replacement needs.

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