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How to Clean a Commercial Popcorn Machine? - PartsFPS

how to clean a commercial popcorn machine

It is important to keep the popcorn machine in the top condition in its working operation by cleaning it regularly. With the regular cleaning of the machine, your popcorn will taste as good. Also, the machine will last longer if you focus on even less maintenance. So, you have to habituate the cleaning of popcorn maker that is essential to the continued growth of sales. Let's see the best ways for how to clean a commercial popcorn machine.

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How to Clean a Commercial Popcorn Machine?

  • Turn off the machine and unplug it.

Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to turn off all the lights of the maker and heating components. Unplug the power cord completely. Let it cool down the kettle for at least an hour before cleaning.

  • You should remove all popcorn and kernels from the kettle before you clean the kettle. The kettle should be cool while you touch it. So, hover your hand near the kettle without making contact with the metal when you test for heating. If you feel the heat radiating off the kettle, then consider it is too warm to start cleaning.
  • After cool down, remove the kettle from the popcorn maker.

Unplug the kettle and remove it from the machine so that you can easily be wiped down. You have to use a towel or damp sponge to wipe down the kettle inside and outside as well.

  • You shouldn't submerge the kettle as this could cause damage to the heating element and other electrical components. Once you completed wiped down of kettle, reinstall it back in the maker.
  • Depending upon your usage, boil out the kettle by using a specially formulated popcorn kettle cleaner. These types of cleaners available in many kitchen supply stores. Brought the cleaner from store and mix that cleaner with the necessary amount of water as indicated specifications in the package. Bring it to a boil in the plugged-in kettle.
  • Once the cleaning solution is at a boil, you need to unplug the whole machine and allow it to sit for a specified amount of time.
  • Drain and rinse the kettle.

Drain the liquid out of the kettle over the sink. After it has been dried, rinse out the kettle fully using a wet cloth or sponge. It will take several times with the sponge to fully rinse the kettle. After rinsed out the kettle, keep it back in the popcorn machine.

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  • Clean the interior surfaces of the machine.

Wipe down the maker's interior with a soft cloth. You can use either a cleaning mixture of warm water and mild dish soap or a solution of warm water and vinegar. You have to use a separate cloth to rinse and dry the maker.

Use a non-ammonia based popcorn maker cleaner to wipe the glass and interior metallic surfaces. It is good for food safety. Moreover, you should follow the instructions provided on the cleaner while using. Also, they specified on the label that you have to rinse the surface with water after use it. You can buy food-safe popcorn machine cleaners online also.

  • Clean the exterior of the machine.

Wipe down the outer surfaces with a damp towel. If you found any spots like fingerprints or oil slicks, better to use a food-safe glass cleaner to remove that marks, debris as well. Generally, the outer surface will not require any cleaners. It can be cleaned with warm water. With dish soap and warm water helps to remove spots on metallic surfaces. 

  • Clean the bottom tray.

Remove the bottom tray of the machine and clean it. Wipe down with a soft cloth dampened in warm soapy water. Remember that use separate cloths to rinse and dry the tray.

How to Clean a Hot Air Popcorn Maker?

  • First, allow the unit to cool entirely. You should not introduce water or other items to cool the maker. Unplug the popcorn maker while letting it cool. It may take a few hours or overnight for complete cooling.
  • Next wash the cover, butter melter cup, and other removable components with mild detergent and warm water. If the owner's manual states that wash the components by hand, you should do it manually. Use a sponge or cloth for washing all components.
  • After that rinse the chute with a damp cloth. Remove dust and debris from the popping chamber by using a dry cleaning cloth like a microfiber cloth or fleece cleaner.
  • Once all components are cleaned and dried, set them back into their places.

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Hope you got the information on cleaning a commercial popcorn machine from this PartsFPS guide. Depending on the size and model you have to perform extra tasks to clean your maker. So, refer to the manufacturer's manual for getting special instructions on how to remove rust from popcorn machine, clean burnt popcorn kettle, etc. If required, you can take the popcorn machine service from authorized persons.

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