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How to Clean Pitco Fryer ? - PartsFPS

how to clean pitco fryer

As we know, all most all restaurant owners using Pitco fryers to make all fried food items from chicken nuggets to fried chicken. If you are also running your business with these fryers, their cleaning and maintenance is the utmost important thing. Regular Pitco fryer cleaning and maintenance will give you the best results. So, if you want to know how to clean Pitco fryer, have a look at this blog. Here, we have given instructions for how to clean/ boil out a Pitco fryer on a weekly and daily basis.

How to Clean Pitco  Fryer?

Perform the initial & daily cleaning of the fryer as described below. Also, you can check out the instructions for how to boil out a Pitco fryer.

Initial Cleaning

Generally, while shipping many parts of the Pitco fryer are coated with oil for protection. So, you should clean it before starting the cooking. If you clean it, oil coating will be removed and removes any foreign particles that are accumulated during shipment or storage. You can follow the cleaning process as below given.

  1.  Fill the tank with water and add a mild detergent or one packet of Pitco fryer cleaner.
  2.  Turn on your fryer and set the thermostat temperature to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave the unit for 15 minutes to heat. Make sure the water level is not below the oil level mark on the back of the fry tank.
  3.  With a fryer cleaning brush, you have to scrub the interior for removing the protective coating.
  4.  After completion of fryer cleaning, turn off the main burners and turn the gas valve knob to the "Pilot" position.
  5.  Now, drain the water from tank to a container that is suitable for hot water.
  6.  When the fryer's tank is cooled, rinse it thoroughly with cool water. You need to continue to rinse it until the cleaner is removed completely from the tank.
  7.  Wipeout all water with a clean dry cloth. You should wipe out the water thoroughly as any residual water causes hot oil to splatter out of the unit.

Note: Mild steel tanks must be wiped down or coated with oil to keep the tank free from rusting.

  1.  Now, the tank is clean and you are ready to fill and operate your fryer.

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Daily Cleaning

If you have done this procedure daily, your Pitco fryer will run effectively and give peak performance for years to come.

  •  Wipe down the exterior fryer: With a clean soft or microfiber cloth, you need to wipe up shortening that spills onto the exterior surfaces of the Pitco fryer. Better to do this when the oil is warm.
  •  To clean unit surfaces, use a mix of warm water and mild detergent. Make sure not to get water in the shortening. Rinse the fryer completely and dry thoroughly before use.
  •  Use a non-abrasive scouring powder or pad to clean stains if you find stains from grease or other food remnants.

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Weekly Cleaning - How to Boil Out a Pitco Fryer?

The Pitco fryer has to be cleaned once a week. This is the right time if you want to replace the filter paper. The cleaning includes complete draining of the fryer and boils out.

You will need a large container to hold the volume of the tank. This container should also be able to withstand boiling water temperatures. When the oil is replaced by water or heating portion cleaning is completed, you have to shut off the fryer completely. This will prevent the heating system from coming on during the oil draining and water filling procedure.

You have to drain the oil from the fryer and discard it. You can also reuse it. Remove tube rack or mesh tube screens and remove any debris from the bottom of the fry tank. Clean them. Once the cleaning is completed, return mesh screens and tube racks to the fry tank. Close the drain valve and fill the tank with a mixture of non-caustic detergent and water. You can use cleaner for best results.

Restart the fryer. When the temperature of unit gets 100 degrees centigrade, it will go to "Boil" mode and bring the water to a slow boil. Once the water is at a slow boil, turn off the unit.

Soak the fryer for 20 minutes to soften shortening deposits and carbon. By using a fryer brush, remove any residue from heating tubes, tank, and sidewalls. You need to perform standard daily cleaning after scrubbing the tank.

Remove the filter from the unit. Next, slide a container to catch the water under the fryer so that the pipe which is normally aimed into the filter pan is aimed into the container and open the drain valve.

Drain the hot water to the taken container and rinse the fry tank with clean warm water.

Wipe the fry tank dry with a clean cloth. After that, close the drain valve and remove the container. Now, refill the tank.

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We hope this guide on how to clean Pitco fryer helped you to avoid basic and common problems which are caused by lack of maintenance. If these instructions do not clean your unit, you can refer to the manufacturer’s manual. If you need any Pitco fryer parts, you can purchase them from PartsFPS.

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