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vulcan deep fryer troubleshooting

Vulcan deep fryers are easy to operate and maintain. Also, they increase productivity and minimize your restaurant's operational cost. With faster recovery from problems, they are designed to be the most profitable pieces of equipment in your kitchen. So, if your Vulcan deep fryer is not functioning properly, try to fix it yourself before calling a technician. In addition to regular maintenance, you can follow these Vulcan deep fryer troubleshooting tips and make your equipment work as effectively.

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The temperature of shortening drops or excessive recovery time is required

Insufficient gas supply to unit - Check if enough gas is supplied. If there is insufficient gas supply, you have to adjust the gas supply at the gas combination valve.

It might be because of the ventilation system pulling heat out of the heat exchanger and flue box. Try with relocating the fryer.

Fryer capacity is overloaded - You should adjust the load accordingly.

Inspect the thermostat calibration and reaction times. If there are any changes, you need to calibrate or replace the thermostat.

Vulcan fryer pilot won't stay lit

Malfunctioning thermopile or loose connection or incorrect connection in thermopile might be caused for this. So, you have to check thermopile function and connections. If there is a loose connection or damage, you need to adjust or replace it as needed.

Gas supply - See if the gas supply is turned off or disconnected. Turn on the gas supply or reconnect. Check for pilot burner orifice and air opening require cleaning. Hence, you should clean the burner orifice and air openings if required.

Now, you have to check whether there is shorted combination valve. While checking, you need to go through each post on the combination valve to the ground. If you notice that as zero resistance, you need to replace the combination valve.

Finally, check the high limit is open.

Rapid shortening breakdown, crumbs, and specks in the frying compound

Possible Causes:

  • Excessive temperature setting.
  • Shortening not being filtered regularly.
  • Incorrect preparation of breaded food.


If it has an excessive temperature setting, you need to change the setting to normal.

  • Adjust the filtering schedule. Don't use salt.
  • Allow breading time to adhere to the food.
  • Make sure you do not allow loose flour to fall into shortening from your hands.
  • Do not add straining or drippings from meat fats to shortening.
  • You have to use the right shortening. Moreover, follow temperature recommendations.
  • Take out 10 to 15 percent of the shortening.
  • At last, you need to check the thermostat settings with the thermometer periodically.

Leaking Tank

When the foam over by depleted shortening permits the oil to drip from the tank surface, it will cause leaking. If this happened, replacement of shortening is required.

Careless draining procedures - See that the gas control valve knob must be in the "Pilot" or "Off" position before draining oil. If the burners heat an empty tank, it will damage tank joints.

Another is, carbon buildup causes a rapid attack on the tank by promoting acid formulation. So, make sure to clean the tank surfaces.

Pilot burner flames adjusted properly, but fluctuates to very low and blow out easily

Gas pressure is too low and gas pressure too low at submanifold are the possible causes for this problem.

To fix the problem, first, check gas pressure on submanifold fitting when your Vulcan fryer is running. Also, check any other equipment that is connected to the same gas line. You have to adjust the gas pressure to not less than 4.0" W.C. (natural and mixed gas) at submanifold or 10.0" W.C. for propane gas.

Gas deep fryer troubleshooting

If you are using a Vulcan gas deep fryer, here some problems and possible causes.

No spark to ignite pilot gas

  • Check if the drain valve switch is opened or the switch malfunctioned.
  • A shorted electrode or an improper ground on flame sense.
  • Due to interconnecting wiring malfunction.
  • The Ignitor cable is open and ignition module malfunction is caused for this issue.

Sparks but gas doesn't ignite

  • Because of service gas valve closed.
  • Gas supply off or insufficient gas pressure might be the reason.
  • Check if the high limit thermostat is open.
  • Inspect that the ignition module could have malfunctioned.
  • Verify whether the gas combination valve is OFF or not operating.

Gas burners ignite but the flame not remains

  • There may be incorrect gas pressure.
  • Check for the obstructions in the gas orifice. Remove if any.
  • When the burner has malfunctioned, this might have appeared. Also, see the gas pilot malfunction.

Deep fryer won’t turn on

Is your Vulcan deep fryer on turning ON? The most likely reason is a problem with the power cord. Generally, the power cord is connected to the fryer magnetically. If your fryer is bumped or moved, it will disconnect easily. Ensure that your power cord is connected properly before concluding it is defective. Your power cord might be faulty because the damage of internal wires or cord contacts is worn or dirty. So, it's better to replace the power cord of your unit.

If there is an issue with the control assembly, then your unit will not be turned on. The control assembly houses the thermostat, heating element, and control board. This helps the fryer for heating so if anyone is faulty, the deep fryer will not turn on. However, you have to test the continuity of all these Vulcan deep fryer parts using a multimeter. You can check the owner's manual to find out the correct readings. Replace the whole assembly if one of these parts failed.

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Hope your read this Vulcan deep fryer troubleshooting guide for tips on how to fix the problems of your unit and get it running smoothly again. If you need more specific instructions for your Vulcan fryer model, refer to the company's manual. When you need to replace parts, visit PartsFPS and purchase your required original and reliable Vulcan parts.

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