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vulcan steamer troubleshooting

Vulcan offers a wide variety of gas and electrical steamers. Vulcan steamers offer an efficient way to produce many foods in either small portions or larger batches. From, convection steamers to high-efficiency boiler-less models, Vulcan Hart steamers produce the maximum color, flavor, and high nutritional value with the least expenditure of energy and labor. However, any kind of steaming equipment gets troubles. If your steamer also not steaming properly, check out our Vulcan steamer troubleshooting guide. With reference to this post, you can simply fix the basic Vulcan steamer problems.

Vulcan Steamer Troubleshooting Guide

Below are the most common problems that can occur in the steamer. So, check the possible causes and solutions for your Vulcan steamer problems.

Steamer Will Not Heat

  • Check for the incoming voltage. There should be sufficient voltage to produce normal heat.
  • Inspect the tank if it is filled or not.
  • Check for the malfunction of the power switch. Sometimes, it needs to be replaced.
  • There may be a water level control malfunction.
  • Relay malfunction might occur.
  • A high-limit thermostat could be opened. Close it to fix the error.
  • Check for the inoperative heating element. Limiting or regulating contactor malfunction.
  • Control thermostat could be opened. It must be In a closed position.
  • Check for relay malfunction. If necessary, you need to replace the relay.

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vulcan hart steamer element

Water Not Being Supplied to Generator

If there is no water supply to the generator, first turn the machine ON. Now, check whether the water supply is available or not. After 10 minutes of running the machine, you have to observe the supply. If no water is being supplied, then you need to check for issues with the water level control probe or water solenoid valve.

Scalants in the water level control probe give a false indication of a sufficient water level in the generator. So, remove and clean the probe assembly thoroughly to remove lime build-up or scalants. Moreover, the water condition must be cleared immediately with a good water conditioner to avoid further problems with your Vulcan steamer. Now, you have to re-install the water level probes and canister assembly.

Water may be drained through an open generator solenoid valve as quickly as it's fed to the generator. Scale particles trapped in the generator solenoid valve seat can prevent the valve from closing.

Water Accumulating in the Cooking Compartment

Water accumulation on the bottom of the steamer's cooking compartment is primarily condensed steam. Due to debris in this compartment drain screen, it will fail to drain out quickly and completely.

To resolve the problem, pull the screen straight out and clean it. Once the cleaning has been done, rearrange the screen in the correct position. Sometimes, improper leveling of the steamer also caused not drain completely.

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vulcan hart motor assembly

Vulcan Steamer Achieves Pressure Slower than Normal

If the generator takes more than 18 minutes to get normal operating pressure, i.e., 3 to 4 psi, check the following steps.

A heavy buildup of scalants has possibly coated the interior of the generator. The insulating effect of the scalants hampers heat transfer in your steamer. Unscrew & remove the clean-out port plug on the generator bottom and with a small mirror check the interior.

If you notice scalants or lime buildup, you have to perform the generator cleaning. If there are significant scalants, examine both the generator drain solenoid valve and the water level control.

Check for the low incoming gas pressure. You can check the incoming line and manifold gas pressures as given by your owner's manual.

Check if the gas combination control valve has malfunctioned. If you have done pressure adjustments, but manifold pressure remains low, you will need to replace the gas combination control valve. Also, test the Vulcan Hart steamer for proper operation.

A gas orifice could be clogged or obstructed around the air shutter. Check for debris in the small gas orifice opening and clean it out. By using a round metal instrument of the same hole diameter. you can clean the orifice. Also, remove any other foreign objects that are obstructing the gas orifice or air shutter.

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vulcan hart 480V heater assembly

Steam Output is Low or Slow Cooking

Here, you can know the possible causes for your steamer slow cooking.

  • Due to blocked steam injector ports. Check and clean them if needed.
  • See if the steam solenoid valve is not opening fully or blocked.
  • The steam intake shut-off valve might be closed.
  • Check for the cycling pressure switch malfunction. It may need adjustment.
  • Pressure relief valve leaking or steam supply lines leaking might be causing the issue.
  • Check for the clogged steam strainer.
  • Superheater clogged or cracked.

Burner Won’t Light or Won’t Stay Lit

  • Gas is turned off - You should turn it to ON.
  • There could be a combustion air pressure switch malfunction.
  • No power to the ignition module. Hence, check whether there is a power supply to the ignitor module or not.
  • Check if the machine is grounded properly. Also, verify the incoming power polarity on automatic ignition systems.
  • Low incoming gas pressure.
  • Malfunction with ignition module or gas combination control valve.
  • There may be a water level control malfunction.
  • The Generator pressure switch might be opened or set too low.
  • See if any obstructions in the gas orifice.
  • Supply line gas pressure is too low.  

vulcan hart timer


We hope, this post helped you to fix Vulcan Hart steamer problems easily. For more Vulcan steamer troubleshooting tips, refer to your unit’s manual. If you need to replace any Vulcan steamer parts, you can buy new items from PartsFPS at low costs.

Find a guide on Vulcan steamer troubleshooting. Get simple fixes for Vulcan Hart steamer problems. When you need to buy Vulcan parts, choose PartsFPS.

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