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how to repair oven thermostat

Your oven is overheating, getting too hot or burning your food, it is a common fault of the thermostat on ovens. At that time, you may need the repair or replacement of it to fix that problem. Usually, this problem occurs in most cases failing to regulate the oven temperature. So, don't worry. Go through our repairing oven thermostat guide and solve your problem yourself at a minimal cost.

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As we know, the oven is the most basic home kitchen appliance so a necessary fixture in the home that permits you and your family to enjoy warm and hearty meals. However, if you find out anything going wrong with your oven, you will need to fix that problem.

If you find that your oven doesn't cook your food properly, then the problem with either the oven heating element or the thermostat. Before you going to repair the problem, you should make sure to determine whether the problem caused by thermostat or not. You can determine the problem of your oven with multimeter testing.

How to Test your Thermostat is Faulty?

You can check the faulty electrical thermostat of your oven with the below steps.

  1. 1. First of all, you have to disconnect the oven from the power supply.
  2. 2. Next, locate the switch. The switch is located depending on your appliance type. Generally, these could be located behind the back panel, beneath the backsplash, under the exhaust hood or below the control panel.
  3. 3. It is a thin piece of metal and connected to a coil of wire.
  4. 4. After finding, you have to remove the thermostat from the unit for testing with a multimeter.
  5. 5. Ensure the activation of the multimeter, and then switch the knob to the lowest ohm.
  6. 6. Place the multimeter on the thermostat. If the heating element's reading is shown as zero or as close to zero reading, means it is working fine.
  7. 7. If there is no reading at all, your unit's thermostat is faulty and will need repairing or replacing.

Some of Signs of your Oven Needs Repair

If your oven has any one of the following signs, then you could decide your equipment require repair or replacement with a new item.

  • 1. It will make strange noises.
  • 2. An oven is emitting abnormal odors.
  • 3. Your food is always prepared out burnt
  • 4. Your food is cooking as cold or raw.
  • 5. You can notice some electrical problems with your unit.
  • 6. The burners are giving some problems.
  • 7. Oven’s preheating time seems to take longer.
  • 8. It’s a door that isn’t shutting properly.

Adjusting the Thermostat

You can test the oven temperature by placing a tester inside it and running the oven at 300 degrees for about 25 minutes. Then measure a maximum and minimum temperature of 3 cycles. Add all the temperatures registered and divide by six to get an average temperature. If the unit's average temperature is more than 20 degrees off, then try recalibrating the thermostat.

How to Replace an Oven Thermostat?

You should have the exact spare part to replace your faulty oven thermostat. Here, at PartsFPS, we stock oven replacement thermostats for a variety of different brands. Although, for any type of commercial kitchen equipment, we supply replacement spare parts for you.

To find out which thermostat you require, just use our search bar option. Enter the manufacturer name or keyword or model number so you can get your required replacement thermostat for your equipment. Now, let’s see the oven thermostat replacement steps.

Disconnect the electrical power

You have to power off the circuit breaker to disconnect electrical power completely from the oven.

Remove the mounting screws from the heating elements for ovens.

You need to pull the control knob which you use to set its temperature. With the help of a screwdriver, you can remove the existed mounting screws on either side of the stem.

Remove the oven from the cabinet.

Open the door of the oven and remove the mounting screws which attach to the sides of the cabinet. Slide the in-cabinet oven forward. You will have ample slack in the power supply 's electrical conduit; if not remove the power supply wiring from the junction box.

Disconnect the oven control thermostat

By removing the mounting screws, you can disconnect the thermostat, just behind the control panel. Better to take the picture of wire connections so that you can connect the new oven control thermostat properly. Moreover, pull the female spade connectors off the male spade leads to the current oven control thermostat using a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Remove the thermostat

Remove the oven sensor bulb and sensor tube from the bracket at the back of the unit. After that, push the sensor bulb as well as the tube out of the hole in the backside. Next, pull those two from behind the oven completely.

Position the new one.

Now, you have to set the position for the new thermostat in the control panel. Insert the sensor bulb from the area of the control panel inside the oven. Clip the new sensor bulb and tube into the mounting bracket.

Connect the new thermostat.

Move the oven thermostat stem through the front of the control panel. Line up the mounting screw holes, insert and securely attach the mounting screws.

After that, you need to reinstall the oven and attach the control knob. Finally, turn on the power to the oven.

Do you need to buy a new thermostat? Visit our PartsFPS store and order online. If you get from us, your thermostat replacement cost will be decreased because we are selling our parts at a very less price. So, please don't hesitate to purchase from us and get back your equipment quickly.

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Thanks for reading this blog! We hope this concept regarding how to repair an oven thermostat will help you more. If you need any additional commercial kitchen equipment parts including thermostat, just take a look at the wide range of our spare parts here. Moreover, bookmark our website to get more helpful blogs.

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