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Manitowoc is one of the most well-known names in commercial ice production today, and for good reason. The world-renowned commercial ice machine manufacturer provides a wide range of commercial ice machines with innovative technologies and features to help ease such an important component of the food service business. Commercial ice machines from Manitowoc can generate three varieties of ice cubes like dice, half-dice, and standard. And also flake, nugget, gourmet, and big gourmet ice.

Even a decent machine might have problems after a lengthy period of operation. So, here is the blog on how to replace Manitowoc ice machine door. In addition, this post provides information on how to maintain your ice maker.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Door Replacement

Removal of the Door Assembly

1. Remove the head screw and washer from the hinge area on either side of the lower access door while the door is closed.

2. Insert a screwdriver between the door and the hinge bracket on one side of the door and gently push on the bracket to allow the door stud to clear the bracket.

3. Take out the access door.

4. Remove the baffle by pulling up on it.

5. Remove three or four screws from the top of the door assembly.

6. Pull the assembly forward and remove the door.

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Replacing the Door Assembly

1. Replace the door assembly in the bin entrance.

2. Replace three or four screws in the hood at the top of the door assembly.

3. Replace the baffle in the side panel tracks and press it down to the seat.

4. Close the door and put one door stud through the hinge bracket.

NOTE: The access door must be restored in the closed position for appropriate operation.

1. On the opposite side, place a screwdriver between the door and the hinge bracket and gently press against it to allow the door stud to clear the bracket.

2. Reinstall and tighten the lift door's washers and screws.

3. Inspect the door to guarantee correct operation.

General Interior Cleaning and Sanitizing

For effective functioning, clean and sterilize the ice machine every six months. If the ice machine has to be cleaned and sanitized more frequently, contact a certified service firm to analyze the water quality and prescribe proper water treatment. The ice machine must be disassembled to be cleaned and sanitized.

1. Ice machine cleanser is used to remove lime scale and mineral deposits from ice machines. Sanitizer for ice machines disinfects and eliminates algae and filth.

2. After ice falls from the evaporator at the end of a Harvest cycle, flip the toggle switch to the OFF position. Alternatively, turn the switch off and let the ice melt off the evaporator.

3. Take off the top cover. This will make it easier to apply cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

4. Take out all of the ice from the trash.

5. Set the toggle switch to the CLEAN setting.

6. The water will flow via the water dump valve and into the drain.

7. Wait for the water trough to refill and then water runs over the evaporator, and then the appropriate chemicals are added.

8. Wait till the cleaning cycle is finished then turn off the toggle switch and also turn off electricity to the ice machine and dispenser when used.

So, this is how you can clean your ice machine and enhance its function.

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Manitowoc is likely to be the finest choice if you're looking for a well-acknowledged, unique solution, and technologically sophisticated equipment. And we'll be there for you if things go wrong. We provide ice maker spare parts and provide replacement guides like this one for your convenience. So, we hope this article has helped you learn more about your ice machine.


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