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There are lots of commercial ice machines on the market today so it's difficult to decide which is the best one for your business. One leading ice machine manufacturer that you may be heard is Manitowoc. This manufacturer provides top-quality ice machines that you can buy all over the world. However, which Manitowoc ice machine is best for your business? We are here to help you by providing Manitowoc ice machine reviews regarding ice type & quality, cost, pros and cons.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Reviews

Manitowoc is one of the leading ice machine manufacturers in providing top-quality products. They are producing over 200 different ice machine models that are sold globally. The ice machines are designed to be energy-efficiency and easily serviced with all replacement parts in front of the machine for easy access. Manitowoc ice machines are more innovative than ever before. And, the company added new touchscreen technology as well as a deep sanitation system to ensure the unit stays clean.

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Manitowoc ice machines can produce ice in different shapes. Here are some types of ice which can be produced by Manitowoc machines.

Nugget Ice - When you are selecting an ice type with a great texture, nugget ice is the best choice. You can dispense this ice without having to scoop with your hands.

Cubed Ice - This type is categorized into three kinds of dice shapes. Clear and solid. The dice shape of ice allows for a soft and dissolvable taste.

Crushed Ice - Available in small pieces with a 100% ice water ratio. This dispenses the iced beverage and it is perfect for cooling drinks.

Flake Ice - It is a mix of both small and soft particles for the ice cubes with a water ratio of 73 percent. Flake ice forms the correct size to display products and hand scooping into drinks.

Now, we will look at reviews of some Manitowoc ice machine models.

Manitowoc UYF-0140A NEO

Manitowoc NEO ice maker is the perfect combination for durability, peak performance and practicability. This unit follows with the production of a significant amount of ice through the compact platform with energy and water conservation. These ice machines work on less energy while using less water, i.e., 25% which are excellent compared to other choices in the market.

As the ice machine functionality revolves around the inclusion of controls, UYF-0140A comes with several intelligent controls. However, you can feel with a new user of control with the combination of active icons that display the power, delay and bin capacity. On this ice machine, you can access all components that are needed for constant cleaning and maintenance.

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Nugget Ice Maker

Manitowoc RNF0620A ice maker is a heavy-duty machine that can produce ice up to 591 pounds in 24 hours continuously. It features a self-condensed mechanism contained with the air cooling feature, due to this you can be done installation easily.

In addition to the exhaust way, this ice machine needs an air intake clearance. It removes the excess heat that freezes the water after passes through the evaporator plate and forms ice cubes. Once the ice production has been done, the ice maker sends waste into the bin.

The nugget ice is a different ice type that blends well with any frozen and soft drinks. However, many customers are using this Manitowoc ice machine in their restaurants or bars.

Manitowoc IYT-1900A Air Cooled Half Dice Ice Machine

If your business needs a large quantity of ice, this ice maker is perfect. It almost produces over 1400 lbs of ice in a day under standard operating temperatures. Manitowoc IYT-1900A ice machine features intelligent diagnostics and an easy-touch display. So, you can always see the status of the unit and perform preventative maintenance when required as per the schedule on the display.

It forms rhomboid-shaped half-dice ice cubes in a smaller size so more cubes can fit into the glass. Manitowoc IYT-1900A ice maker is a great fit for the Manitowoc F-1300 ice bin.

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Manitowoc UDE-0065A Ice Maker

This maker can produce up to 57 pounds of ice cubes in a single day. The production of this ice machine is dependent on air temperature and water availability.

Manitowoc ice maker consists of Alphasan additionally which is a robust antimicrobial agent to protect the unit from mold and bacteria growth. Moreover, it has full access to the bin which flips up and down quickly for the user's convenience.

The exterior of the unit is made with solid stainless steel with a compact design that enables you to install the maker as an under-counter.

Manitowoc SM-50A Ice Machine

It is a great fit for scalable establishments. Manitowoc under counter ice machine will save up to 25% water and 10% of energy. You will be able to manage up to 100 drinks in one serving with this maker.

It has featured with a delayed fixture so you can schedule at other times when you are busy. You can pause the ice-making for up to 24 hours. It is also fitted with LED lights to the bin.



However, there are many models in Manitowoc ice machines, you should buy the right one that fulfills all your needs. Check with many factors that are needed for running your business such as ice bin, quantity, type of ice, etc. We hope this article about Manitowoc ice machine reviews somewhat helped you.

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