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scotsman scn60 troubleshooting installation

One of the major brands in ice machines that are widely used is Scotsman. An ice machine is a huge time saver unit for any small business that serves water, refreshments, or just has a self-serve type system to offer customers. We can see these machines in many commercial establishments like restaurants, hotels, etc. If your Scotsman ice machine is not working properly, you will need to know how to fix them. This is a good guide for Scotsman ice machine troubleshooting.

Scotsman SCN60 Troubleshooting & Installation

The SCN60 machine is manufactured to offer fans of Scotsman's nugget ice from the ability to have that ice in your home. Previously, this nugget ice is available in commercial establishments only. It has a strong following because of the chewable nature of the ice. This ice machine makes authentic nugget ice using the same process as the larger commercial machine. However, here, we updated the troubleshooting and installation process of the Scotsman ice machine.

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Scotsman SCN60 Installation Instructions

This machine is made up of two major systems, i.e., the ice-making system and the ice storage system. The ice-making system is a continuous flow type ice machine it produces ice when the ice level becomes low and stops when it is full. The ice storage system is an insulated chest with a drain at the bottom for melting ice.

The machine can be built into a cabinet. It's an air-cooled refrigeration system so air flows in and out of it through the grill at the bottom front. So, the grill should not be blocked by any covering door or any other obstructions.

For gravity drain type model, it should have a building drain connection below the level of the drain tube at the cabinet back. In pump drain model can force drain water up to a maximum of 10 feet, allowing it to be located where a gravity drain is not available.

A gravity drain model ice machine can convert to a drain pump model by installing a drain pump kit. The drain pump kit consists of a drain pump, wiring harness, and associated tubing.

Keep the machine level with the planned floor level. If you want to install it on a slab, you have to use a pump model and pump the water to the point of drainage. To install over a crawl space or basement - If there is not enough space behind the ice machine for drain or receptacle, the drain will need to be below the floor. Finally, it requires a water supply so connect it.

For complete details on Scotsman ice machine installation, you can refer to your owner’s manual.

Scotsman Ice Machine Troubleshooting

  • If the compressor is not starting, you should check the start capacitor, start relay, and compressor windings.
  • If the auger motor is running, but not producing ice, then, you need to verify the circuit board and contactor coil. You have to replace them when they are failed.
  • Check whether the ice machine getting power or not by plugging other things if the machine is won't make ice or not turned ON. Also, inspect the breaker and fuses. If required, you have to reset a tripped circuit breaker and replace the blown fuse.
  • Remove any scale build-up. If ice sensors are blocked, clean them.
  • Check the ice maker temperature setting. Remember that your machine won't operate at temperatures above 100 degrees F.
  • Turn the water valve to ON position when the water reservoir is empty.

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Not Producing Enough Ice/ Too Much Ice

If the room temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, your Scotsman ice machine will not make ice. SO, increase the room temperature setting and leave the machine up to 24 hours to produce more ice. Check for blockages in the air filter and condenser and clean if any existed. You have to replace the broken water valves. If there a buildup in scale on the auger or evaporator, clean the filter with water.

When your ice machine producing a large amount of ice, you need to test the thermistor by using a multi-meter. If you notice the resistance reading of the multi-meter increases steadily, then consider that the ice machine is running properly. Otherwise, replace it.

Leaks Water or Too Much Water Usage

When your ice machine leaks water, you can see water around the unit. If your machine leaks water, check the water seals, fittings, and tubing. Any of them are damaged, there is a need for replacement. See if the dirt or debris is placed. If it has, remove it from the drain, drain tubes, and fittings. If it is not giving enough refrigerant, find leaks in the refrigerant system with a leak detector. Also, inspect the motor, switches, and compressor for broken parts.

If your Scotsman ice machine uses too much water, try changing the 245 PSIG discharge pressure and then check the reservoir float valve for leaks.

Scotsman SCN60 Making Loud Noise

The ice machine commonly makes some noise when filling up the container bin with ice. But, sometimes, it will make a loud noise. If you are getting more sounds than regular, then check the reservoir and needs to be done replacement of pump if necessary. When there is no problem with the pump, clean the evaporator plate. Examine the cutter grid for blockages along with the evaporator. Check if the motor bearings are dry. If they are dry, you have to do the lubrication. Finally, assess the motor's malfunctioning.

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How do I reset my Scotsman ice maker?

Locate the red button on the ice machine's control panel. Press the red button. Wait until all indicator lights are turned off. Next, find the green button and press for a second. Now, your Scotsman ice machine should turn back ON and begin the reset process.

How do you clean a Scotsman scn60 ice maker?

  • Remove all ice from the bin.
  • Remove the machine's front panel and push & release the Harvest button. Wait for the completion of the Harvest cycle.
  • Next, remove the evaporator cover and press the clean button.
  • Pour 12 ounces of cleaner into the reservoir water. Make sure to put back the evaporator cover on the unit.
  • Cleaning may complete in 10 minutes. After completion, you have to push and release the clean button. Now, the rinsing process will begin.
  • Once the rinsing process is completed, install the front panel and secure it to the ice machine.


Still, if your Scotsman ice machine not working properly, and have any doubts about the installation, you can check the company’s manual. Along with this guide, keep ready the Scotsman ice machine troubleshooting manual while fixing the problem. For Scotsman ice machine parts replacement, order new ones at PartsFPS. Here, you can buy OEM and low-priced Scotsman parts online.

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