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types of ice makers

From hospitals to restaurants, every business needs ice machines to make a wide variety of fresh ice. As there are so many different types of ice makers for all kinds of business needs, it is important to know Which Ice Machine is best for your business, use this source so you can take a Profitable decision.

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Different Types of Ice Machines

Generally, commercial ice machines are categorized into four basic types. They are modular or ice machine head, countertop ice dispensers/makers, under-counter ice machines, and combination ice/water machines.

Modular Ice Machines

Modular ice machines produce a large amount of ice. So, these are well suited for large businesses. This machine only produces ice. They are unable to store ice on their own so that you have to place it on a commercial ice dispenser or an ice bin to use it.

Moreover, modular ice makers are the most common type in the market. They are available in various sizes to fit all businesses. If you need to extend the business and need additional ice storage, this allows you to swap out your current bin with a larger one.

These ice machines are best for casual restaurants, hotels, fast-food chains, schools, movie theaters, and cafeterias. Typically, it produces ice range from 250 lb. to 1000 lb. per day.

Countertop Ice Machines

These countertop ice makers are designed to produce a small amount of ice and to fit under a bar or countertop. These are a popular choice for commercial bars as they have immediate access to ice without having to sacrifice bar space. Many commercial-grade countertop units are dispensers that drop directly ice into a container either by pressing a button. So, these types are more sanitary, as customers and staff no need to take the ice by hand.

These will sit properly on top of tables and countertops without taking extra space. Countertop ice makers are very popular in self-service stations, burger joints, sandwich shops, and casual dining establishments. Hoshizaki ice types are an excellent choice when you choose this type. These will able to produce ice up to 500 pounds per day.

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Undercounter Ice Makers

These are also called as self-contained ice machines. Undercounter ice machines combine the machine with a storage bin. Also, fit under most 40 inches high counters. It can be used in cafes, small bars, and restaurants. The compact size of the unit gives you flexibility even in small areas. The typical ice production range is from 75 to 350 lb. per day.

However, these are the perfect pick for commercial bar ice makers. Undercounter ice machines are designed with front-in and front-out airflow so that it cools the machine by releasing hot air from the front.

Combined/ Self-Service Ice Machines

This self-service ice machine produces and dispenses the ice from the unit itself. It is designed for frequent usage. The unit doesn't store ice for a long period of time so that it will be considered as a sanitary option. Combined ice makers have bin attachment and tend to be smaller than modular units so they are a good choice for smaller businesses. These are an excellent option for healthcare facilities, cafeterias, hotels, hospitals, quick service restaurants, waiting rooms, etc.

Different Types of Ice Cubes

Six ice machine ice types are available in the market. They are Nugget, cube, half cube, crescent, flake ice, and gourmet. Each ice cube type has its own features and uses. Now, we will see these types of ice maker ice types.

  • Nugget ice cubes: Also known as sonic ice. Sonic type ice maker cubes are famous for its chewy and soft texture. These ice cubes are perfect for drinks and have the ability to retain the flavour of beverages. Also, suitable for blended cocktails and carbonated beverages.
  • Full Cubes: These cubes met with the beverages and cool them quickly. Ideal for bulk cooling and bagging applications. Full cubes are most perfect for any occasion and popular in bars, restaurants, and stores.
  • Flakers: It is similar to the found in snow cones. Flake ice cubes are used for the preservation of seafood and other perishable items.
  • Half Ice Cube: This is in half of the size of the full cube. It dispenses very easily due to its size and is used in self-serving dispensing units.
  • Gourmet Ice: This is crystal clear and high-quality ice which is odourless and contains pure water. So, these are also called as clear ice cubes. Gourmet ice cubes are ideal for bars, upscale restaurants, and banquet service. It will be made by boiling water twice or with water that has been purified through reverse osmosis or distillation.

There are a number of ice makers available in the market such as Scotsman brilliance nugget ice machine, Manitowoc ice types, and other types of ice makers in refrigerators. So, you have to pick a perfect ice machine to fulfill your requirements.

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Choosing an Ice maker for your business is not a small feat. Along with the type of maker, there are a lot of sizing factors and ice machine cube types that you should consider. PartsFPS supplies ice machine parts for you. So, if you need any ice maker parts, you can buy them from us.

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