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taylor c712 troubleshooting

In the summer days, generally, we all like ice creams, custards, etc. So, Taylor produces soft serve machines that give the highest output. These will produce various products from low or non-fat ice creams to yogurt, custards, and sorbet. Especially, Taylor C712 serves two separate soft serve flavors or an equal combination of both in a twist. However, over a long period of usage, it may get into trouble. If your Taylor ice machine also getting problems, no need to get worried. Here, we have provided some tips on Taylor C712 troubleshooting. Let's have a look at the following:

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Taylor 712 Troubleshooting Guide

Check solutions to fix your Taylor C712 soft serve machine problems.

No Product is Being Produced


  • The mix out light might be ON or low on the mix.
  • The power switch has been OFF.
  • Your machine is not in "Auto" mode.
  • The beater overloaded but the beater motor is not resetting.
  • The pump motor is not set in the Auto position.
  • Freeze up in the mix inlet hole.
  • The ball crank of the mix pump is broken.
  • Check ring or feed tube haven't installed properly.
  • Buildup butterfat on the pump.

Troubleshoot tips:

  • Add sufficient mix in the hopper and then set to "Auto" mode.
  • Power ON the switch and set it to the "Auto".
  • If your machine is not in AUTO mode, select the AUTO and allow it to cycle off before drawing the item.
  • To reset the beater motor, first, turn off the machine and restart it. You have to restart the Taylor soft serve machine in the AUTO mode. Still, the beater motor doesn't restart, consult a technician.
  • Press the pump motor reset button and see the pump motor is running when the draw valve is raised.
  • Adjust the mix hopper temperature with the help of the service technician when freezing up in the mix inlet hole.
  • Replace the mix pump ball if it is broken.
  • Verify and install feed tube and rubber check ring correctly.
  • Remove and clean the mix pump carefully if the butterfat is buildup.

Product is Too Stiff

If you are getting ice cream or any other products as too stiff, verify the following:

The draw rate is set too high or fast - So, you should adjust the product's draw rate to 5 to 7 1/2 oz (142 to 213 g) by weight in 10 seconds.

Product is Too Thick

  • The freezing cylinder is not primed properly - You need to drain the freezing cylinder and reprime the unit.
  • Mix or air pump assembled improperly - Read the assembly instructions carefully and adjust it.
  • Viscosity control is set too cold - Refer to the Taylor C712 manual to set to the correct temperature.
  • Freeze up in the mix inlet hole caused this problem. Contact an authorized repair technician to fix the issue.

Mix in the Hopper is Too Warm or Too Cold

Hopper cover might not be in correct position - So, clean and sanitize the hopper cover. Again place that cover in the correct place.

The temperature of the hopper is out of adjustment - You can adjust it yourself as per the instructions provided in the company manual or contact the technician.

Mix Low and Mix Out Probes are Not Working

Because of milk stone buildup in the hopper, these probes might not have functioned correctly. Hence, you should clean the mix hoppers thoroughly.

Product is Being Collected on Top of the Freezer Door

If the product is not fed into the freezing cylinder, check the cause and solution.

See if the top O-ring on the draw valve is improperly lubricated or worn. If it is, you have to lubricate correctly or replace the O-ring with a new one.

Mix Leakage from the Bottom of Door Spout

May this problem arises due to the bottom O-ring is not lubricated properly or worn on the draw valve. You need to replace or lubricate it properly.

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Excessive Mix Leakage into the Long Drip Pan

  • When the seal on the drive shaft is worn or improperly lubricated, you may get these types of leakage problems. You have to check it for lubricating properly. Otherwise, replace the seal.
  • The seal installed inside out on the drive shaft - Verify and adjust the seal correctly.
  • Lubricate the drive shaft. Inadequate lubrication of the driveshaft might be caused.
  • Check if the driveshaft and beater assembly work forward. Call a repair person to fix the problem.
  • Check if the gearbox is out of alignment or the rear shell bearing is worn out. You can contact an authorized service person if it is.

Drive Shaft is Stuck in the Drive Coupling

Check the following causes and tips to avoid the problem.

Lubricant and mix collected in the drive coupling - Make sure to clean the rear shell bearing area thoroughly.

See if the gearbox is out of alignment or rounded corners of drive coupling/ shaft or both. To repair these, contact a repair person.

Freezing Cylinder Walls are Scored

Possible Causes:

  • Worn or missing front bearing and beater shoes.
  • Scraper blades are damaged.
  • Soft serve machine is placed in Auto before all sanitizing solution was removed from freezing cylinder.
  • Broken beater pins.
  • Broken freezer door battle rod.
  • Beater assembly is bent.

Possible solutions:

  • Install and replace the front bearing and beater shoes.
  • Replace scraper blades.
  • Place your machine in Auto mode only, once completed priming and removing of sanitizing solution.
  • Replace the freezer door and beater assembly if necessary.

Product Makes Popping Sound When Drawn

  • The pump is assembled incorrectly - As per the instructions in the Taylor manual, you should assemble and lubricate the pump.
  • The draw rate is set too fast - Need to change the draw rate of 5 oz. to 7 1/2 oz of the product by weight in 10 seconds.
  • Drain the freezing cylinder and reprime the unit, if it is primed incorrectly.

No Function when Power Switch is ON

  • Unit is unplugged - Make sure the plugin power cord.
  • Blown fuse or circuit breaker is OFF - If it is blown, replace the fuse and turn on the circuit breaker.

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Final Words:-

If you need more help or detailed tips on Taylor C712 problems and solutions, you can get them from Taylor 712 manual. So, download Taylor 712 troubleshooting pdf and get your required details to fix soft-serve problems yourself. When you need to replace any spare parts, buy Taylor parts for ice machine at PartsFPS. We provide you all OEM and high-quality Taylor freezer replacement parts at a low cost.

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