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traulsen Freezer Troubleshooting

Whether your freezer is durable and has advanced features, but it will need maintenance or repairs at some point. A faulty Traulsen freezer may cause major problems in the kitchen and reduce the cooling capability of your storage items. To help you troubleshoot Traulsen problems, we have compiled tips on some of the most common repair problems. So, read this full post to get some simple Trauslen freezer troubleshooting tips.

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Tips for Traulsen Freezer Troubleshooting

Following is the guide for how to troubleshoot the Traulsen freezer?

Freezer’s Interior is Too Warm

a)      The unit door won't seal shut.

Gaskets with cracks and tears will prevent the door from shut down. So, you have to see that the door is closed properly. If you found any damage to this door, better to replace it.

b)      High control setting.

You have to check the temperature control settings. The control setting may be set at a high temperature. You can check the owner's manual for how to change the settings correctly.

c)      The door is open too much.

When you open the freezer door and open it too long, the cabinet may get warm. After closing the door, you need to leave the cabinet sufficient time to read the normal temperature.

d)      High amounts of warm food ingredients.

If you store a large amount of warm food into the Traulsen freezer, make sure you give some time to read the regular temperature.

e)      Dirty condenser coil.

You should clean the condenser coil properly when the coil or filter has a buildup of grease or debris as per the instructions provided in the manufacturer manual.

Unit Interior is Too Cold

a)      Large amounts of cold food.

When you place high amounts of cold or frozen food, it will cause this problem. So, leave the cabinet to set to a regular temperature, if you place more food items.

b)      Low control setting.

If the control setting is set at a low temperature, your unit's interior becomes too cold. Hence, check your manual for instructions on how to change the low temperature to normal properly.

Condensing Unit Doesn't Start

a)      No power to the freezer.

First, check whether your freezer is plugged in or not. If it is plugged in, then you have to inspect for damage to the power cord. If it is damaged, replace the damaged cord.

b)      Wrong control temperature setting.

If the temperature is set as incorrect, you should adjust accordingly as per the instructions provided in the manual.

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Condensing Unit Runs Continuously

a)      Dirty condenser and filter.

The buildup of grease, debris, or coil on the condenser coil or filter might be caused to several issues. So, make sure to clean it regularly.

b)      Door not closing.

Check if the doors of the unit are closing properly. A dirty or damaged gasket or a broken hinge can keep the door from sealing close.

c)      A refrigerant leak or shortage.

This may cause your condensing unit to operate continuously. If there is a leak or shortage in the refrigerant, you have to contact a technician for repairing.

d)      Icy evaporator coil.

If the evaporator coil is iced, then you will have to defrost it manually.

No Power

a)      The switch is in the "OFF" position.

Check your Traulsen freezer "ON/ OFF" switch is in the "OFF" position. If so, make it turn to the "ON" position.

b)      Unplugged or damaged cord.

Check for your unit's power cord is damaged or unplugged. If you observe any damage to the cord, replace it immediately.

c)      Tripped circuit breaker.

Assess if the power supply breaker is tripped or damaged, replace it, or repair it with an authorized service person.

Because of the above problems, your Traulsen freezer not freezing the stored items properly.

Compressor Problems

Here are some problems you may get with the compressor. You have to repair these issues yourself or with the help of a service engineer.

a)      The compressor hums but doesn't stop.

To resolve this problem, you need to consult an authorized technician so that you can avail the manufacturer warranty.

b)     Compressor short cycles.

When there is improper airflow over the evaporator coil, you may observe this compressor short cycle issues. In addition, see if the cabinet sensor, evaporator coil sensor, evaporator fan, or expansion valve could be damaged. If it is, replace that particular component. You can buy these original Traulsen parts at PartsFPS.

c)      Compressor run time is too long.

Opening the freezer door too much, more store items inside the unit, contaminated items in the unit, and damaged door gaskets will be caused to run the compressor long time. So, the door should not be opened too much. Check for the cabinet is overloaded and has contaminants that are harmful to the compressor operation. If there is a damaged gasket, replace it with a new one.

In addition to the above, improper airflow over the condenser coil might affect the compressor. Moreover, you need to check if the cabinet air sensor, cabinet coil sensor, condenser fan, and relay module are damaged.

d)     Compressor continuously operates.

When you are getting this problem in your freezer, you have to check for the door is opened too much, loss of refrigerant and the unit has damaged control or cabinet sensor. As per the condition, you have to repair or replace the component.

Blank Control Display

If the ON/ OFF switch is in OFF mode or the power cord is unplugged or broken, then your control display might be turned to blank. Moreover, a damaged relay module could be a sign of a blank control display.

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Final Words:-

Hope this Traulsen freezer troubleshooting guide will assist you to fix the issues easier. If you need any other troubleshooting tips for restaurant kitchen equipment tips, stay in touch with PartsFPS. PartsFPS is the best source to purchase Traulsen freezer replacement parts online. Low cost and reliable service.

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