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hobart slicer troubleshooting

Hobart slicers are the preferred choice for many restaurants and other foodservice centers to make food preparation as easy as possible. However, sometimes malfunctions and issues arise in its working. These malfunctions or breakages will require Hobart slicer repair or replacement. You can fix some of the common problems yourself easily. So, here, we have given Hobart slicer troubleshooting guide for issues that your unit experience over its lifetime.

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Hobart Slicer Troubleshooting Guide

Check out the causes and solutions for your Hobart slicer common issues. Let’s start now.

Slicer not starting

Numerous issues cause your slicer not to start. Mostly, the problems will arise in electrical connections. So, first, you should check the unit's power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. If it is plugged in properly, verify that the carriage is set to the "home" position.

When the above two are not possibilities to trouble while starting, you have to consider some more malfunction issues. So, note down the problems involved in electricity. Moreover, you need to verify the malfunction of the home or start the switch.

Next, check for ground fault or wall outlet circuit is open. When you use the slicer many times, that overworked unit might be caused to start. So, reset the Hobart slicer once by pressing the overload reset button located underneath the unit.

However, if you are confident with safety issues, check the problem occurs in the power cord or fault with the start or home switch. Otherwise, call a professional.

Hobart slicer won't continue to run

When you are having trouble getting the slicer to continue to run, you need to inspect the three issues. Check for carriage is installed properly. A carriage tray is used to hold the meat and it's being sliced. Then, asses that the index knob should be opened. After that, look for gauge plate switch malfunction that controls the thickness of meat slices.

Difficult to slice

When the knife in the slicer becomes dull, it is difficult to slice the meat. See if the knife requires to be sharpened or replaced. If that knife blade is in good condition, look for a fault on the transport brush or carriage slide rod. Be sure to lubricate the rod to ensure fast slicing while regularly lubricating a Hobart slicer.

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Poor slice quality

If your Hobart slicer is producing poor slice quality, there are several issues you need to consider. The most possible problem is knife has become small and dull to effectively slice. Make sure the knife is not too small for meat slicing. If the knife doesn't seem to be the issue, you have to inspect the following problems.

  • Sharpener mounting pins are loose.
  • Sharpener stones are worn.
  • The fence is missing.
  • The top cover is missing or not set properly.
  • The carriage tray adjusted wrongly on the slicer.
  • The grip arm is binding.

The automatic operation doesn't run

Hobart slicers are designed with automatic operation features. Some reasons could cause your slicer to have trouble with the automatic operation. The initial fix you have to do is the unit is set to the automatic mode. Generally, we forgot this simple step. You can try it by resetting the unit. The reboot may be a trick that works well to get the job done.

Although, see automatic speed position sensor. The auto speed position sensor vane should be clean and not damaged. If you didn't found any serious damage with the vane, go through the auto speed sensor failure. Also, check and replace the circuit breaker, if required.

Hobart slicer making noise

If your Hobart slicer makes a noise as it has recently joined a heavy metal band, then you need to see on the unit's inside. While most household slicers are belt-driven, many models have a gear-driven mechanism that has more parts to break down which although more durable. Problematic gears or an overworked engine causes the excessively noisy slicer.

Open the unit and inspect the gears. If you see any teeth that could be damaged, replace the damaged gears. Sometimes, there might be dirt or residue on the gears. For this, a good cleaning is required. When the slicer is unsteady, there may be a chance of producing noise. Make sure the unit has clean rubber footings and should be in level.

The meat slicer won't slide

Sometimes your Hobart slicer won’t adjust anymore. This issue probably requires lubrication. Also, you have to clean the residue or gum off the slides with a solvent like alcohol before lubrication.

However, you can fix some of the issues of your Hobart slicer while others have to be fixed with a professional. In the market, various models of slicers available so that you likely need to refer to the Hobart slicer manual to find out specific pieces and functions.

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Final Thoughts:-

Even though you daily use your Hobart slicer, you may not be well known and comfortable with all mechanics of the unit. You should be cautious and try to practice good safety techniques. When Hobart slicer repair is not possible, you may require Hobart replacement parts. Choose our PartsFPS store to purchase online.

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