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true commercial refrigerator not cooling

Is your True commercial refrigerator not cooling or preserving food? Here, we can help you to diagnose your fridge problem. Go through the below repair steps to fix your True commercial refrigerator not cooling issue. A refrigerator is a key appliance for any restaurant. True refrigerators will give you more lifetime. But, overtime, True commercial refrigerators also get malfunctions like other brands. So, continue to read this blog to fix the cooling problem.

True Commercial Refrigerator Not Cooling - How to Fix

Check out the possible reasons behind your True refrigerator not cooling and get the simple fixes.

Faulty Thermostat

A thermostat in the refrigerator measures the internal temperature and signals the control board to prompt the compressor when the unit requires additional cooling. The recommended temperature for your True commercial refrigerator is 38°F for optimal cooling.

When the thermostat gets faulty, it doesn't provide the correct temperature reading. Moreover. cool air will not produce when needed. Here are the steps on how can you assess the thermostat of refrigerator when it is not cooling.

Make sure the thermostat is not blocked by any food particles or debris as it could change its temperature readings. Although, you should remove or reposition any items that are too close to the thermostat or vents that circulate air.  

If the thermostat is not blocked, you have to measure the fridge's internal temperature by using a separate thermometer.

If there is a difference between the thermometer's temperature and thermostat's reading, consider that the thermostat might be faulty. It needs to be replaced.

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Dirty Condenser Coils

Mostly dirty condenser coils are caused for your True refrigerator not cooling. Condenser coils will cool the refrigerant and provide cool air for your fridge. Sometimes, accumulated dust, dirt and grease may stop the coil's function. When condenser coils get the malfunction, it may create warmer temperatures and cause food spoiling in commercial refrigerator storage compartments.

Hence, you should clean your commercial refrigerator's condenser coils for every three months. If you clean them properly, it helps to maintain the temperature in the True refrigerator. Now, we will know how to clean your True commercial refrigerator condenser coils.

  • First, unplug the unit and locate the coils behind a bottom or top grate or on the fridge's rear wall.
  • Take a brush and remove any accumulated dust and debris from the condenser coils and surrounding area.
  • You can use a vacuum hose attachment to the remaining debris and dust.
  • To remove accumulated grease, apply a degreasing agent and clean it.
  • Now, reinstall the bottom or top grate and reposition the unit before turning the power back on. Replace the food items in the storage cabins.

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Doors Not Closing Properly

When your restaurant's fridge is not cooling properly, you need to check the doors to ensure they are closing correctly. Normally, a rubber gasket around the door provides a seal that keeps cold air in and warm air out of the unit. Moreover, hinges of the door also ensure that the door is properly aligned and completely closed.

So, when this rubber gasket is torn or ripped, cold air can escape and warm air can enter. Then, a warm temperature is created internally. If the door hinges are broken or loose, then the unit's door will not close properly and cool air will escape. You need to tighten the loose hinges to realign the doors properly and replace the broken hinges or damaged gasket.

Failing Compressor

If the above troubleshooting steps are not solved the issue, then check if the refrigerator's compressor is failed. The compressor plays a major role in the production of cool air for the refrigerator. Also, it condenses refrigerant before it enters the condenser coils. Your refrigerator won't cool sufficiently when the compressor is not working properly.

Along with the True commercial refrigerator not cooling properly, you can notice the continuous running of with loud sound. To fix these types of problems, contact a professional and replace the compressor if needed.

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Blocked Vents

Cold air needs to be circulated throughout a refrigerator to maintain the temperature. And, the air is dispensed from the vents. If these vents are blocked by stored containers, then the flow of cold air that keeps food items safely stored inside the unit might be obstructed. A properly maintained refrigerator creates a smooth and efficient workflow so cold air can circulate uniformly.

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However, True commercial refrigerators are built to last for energy-efficient function and generous shelf storage. With regular maintenance, it can deliver optimal cooling and storage function for years down the line. If your unit getting cooling problems frequently, it may be time to replace the fridge. To get more solutions for True commercial refrigerator not cooling, check the owner's manual.

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