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traulsen fridge troubleshooting

Traulsen refrigerators have been the gold standard for generations in the foodservice industry. As anywhere food needs to stay cool, each of you will use Traulsen reach-in refrigerators and freezers. Traulsen refrigerators keep their cool for not only now, but also decades to come. However, over time, the Traulsen refrigerator also gets some issues like not cooling, not running, etc. To fix common Traulsen fridge problems, here, we have updated a few troubleshooting instructions. If you are interested, you can follow our Traulsen fridge troubleshooting tips to solve the problem.

Traulsen Fridge Troubleshooting Tips

If you know the possible causes for your Traulsen fridge problems, it may help you to fix the problem yourself and reduce the repair costs.

Condensing Unit Fails to Start

If the condensing unit in your Traulsen refrigerator does not start to run, it may because of power issues and control temperature settings. You have to check if the power cord and plug have been disconnected. Also, verify the control temperature setting. If it is set incorrectly, you should adjust it properly.

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Condensing Unit Operates for Long Period

  • If you are not closed the door properly, your unit runs continuously for a long time. So, check whether doors are closed correctly or not.
  • Check for the dirty filter or condenser. If they are dirty, you should clean them immediately.
  • Examine if the evaporator coil is iced. It needs to be defrosted. You can check the instructions for defrost cycle in the owner's manual.

Food Compartment Zone is too Hot

To fix this problem, you need to do the following things.

  • Check doors and gaskets for proper seal.
  • Verify if you have added a large quantity of hot food or the door was kept open for a long period. In these two cases, you need to allow adequate time for the cabinet to recover to its normal operating temperature.
  • Check if the control setting is too high. If so, you have to adjust as per instructions provided in the manual.
  • You have to check that the condensing coil is clean.

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Food Compartment is Too Cold

Remind once a large quantity of frozen food has been added recently. If you kept very cold food in your fridge, allow sufficient time for the cabinet to recover to its normal operating temperature. Adjust the fridge's control to a warmer setting.

Condensation on the Exterior Surface

  • Make sure to check gaskets and door alignment for proper seal.
  • In the high humidity period, condensation on the exterior surface of a refrigerator is normal.

No Power to Traulsen Fridge

  • Verify if the refrigerator's power cord and the plug have been removed from the outlet.
  • Check the power supply breaker and fuse. Try resetting the circuit breaker.
  • Finally, you need to verify the unit's ON/ OFF switch.

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Compressor Not Running and Not Getting Power

  • Check if the main circuit breaker is open.
  • Compressor overload might be tripped.
  • Inspect the cabinet temperature.
  • There could be a component malfunction.
  • Check for wrong or faulty connections.
  • If the compressor motor windings open, your fridge won't run.

You should find the possible solutions to the above checks to fix the problem.

Compressor Short Cycles on Overload

Below are the possible causes that you have to know and fix.

  • Low voltage.
  • Dirty condenser coil or filter.
  • Low refrigerant charge.
  • Faulty connection or wired wrong.
  • Malfunction with run capacitor and start component.
  • Condenser fan inoperative.
  • High head pressure.

Compressor Short Cycles

Here, you can check the possible causes for compressor short cycles.

  • Improper airflow over the evaporator coil.
  • Defective or bad sensors.
  • Low ambient conditions.
  • Temperature differential set too close.

Low Suction Pressure

To fix the low suction pressure issue, you have to check the following things and make corrections accordingly.

  • Check whether the capillary tube is restricted.
  • Drier is plugged.
  • Poor airflow might be caused by low suction pressure.
  • Loos of refrigerant.
  • Iced evaporator coil.

High Head Pressure

Improper airflow across condenser, air in system, dirty condenser coil, wired wrong or faulty connection, overcharge of refrigerant and high ambient conditions could be caused for high head pressure problem.

Coil Icing

If your Traulsen refrigerator's coil is icing, you need to aware of these things.

  • The number of defrost cycles is too low.
  • Cabinet air leak.
  • Defrost duration is too short.
  • Drain tube plugged.
  • Failure of coil sensor.
  • Defrost heater not working.
  • Non-frozen products were recently added into the cabinet.

Final Words

You should perform the Traulsen refrigerator troubleshooting at the early stage to avoid extra costs. If you delayed repairing the unit, it may cause to replace with a new unit. So, we recommend you fix the common and basic Traulsen refrigerator parts at the right time to keep it at peak performance. When there is a need to replace components of parts, you can get new Traulsen parts from PartsFPS.

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