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true freezer troubleshooting

The True freezer is one of those appliances that tends to go unappreciated until it's not freezing as it should. However, many things can go wrong with your True manufacturing freezer. As there are just as many simple fixes, you can try these fixes to get the unit back to keep in perfect condition. Have a look at these True freezer troubleshooting tips.

True Freezer Troubleshooting Guide

Find out the solutions for True Freezer not freezing, operates continuously, compressor problems, etc.

Freezer Running but Not Cold

We will see the basic operation of the cooling system in your True freezer before start the troubleshooting process.

The compressor releases a refrigerant to the condenser. The condenser coils transform the refrigerant from vapor to liquid while releasing heat which you feel blowing near the unit while it is in a cooling cycle. The cooler refrigerant flows into the evaporator through an expansion valve. From the evaporator, it absorbs heat from the freezer and cools the contents. After that, the refrigerant moves into a warm vapor, then returns to the compressor and repeats the cycle.

However, a disruption in the cooling cycle stops your freezer from cooling. So, you need to verify many factors that contribute to this issue. Before going into depth fixes, you have to fix some minor issues.

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The temperature setting might be raised accidentally. If this is the case, simply adjust it.

Check for the defective thermostat as it does not send power to the refrigerant system.

To see if the thermostat is working properly, change the thermostat setting from lowest to the highest. If you notice a clicking sound, consider that there may not be a problem with the thermostat. Also, check the continuity of a thermostat using a multimeter. If it has no continuity, you need to replace the thermostat.

Defrost Timer

You should remove the freezer's plug while testing the defrost timer. Manually advance the defrost cycle by using a screwdriver. You need to turn the advancement screw clockwise until you hear the click sound. When you notice a click, this advances the cycle to the next mode. Wait for 30 minutes or one hour and inspect if it has resumed cooling. If the defrost timer is not advance, you have to replace it.

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Condenser Coils

Check for the build-up of dust and dirt around the condenser coils. You should clean these coils every 6 months to get an optimum operation. Additionally, clean the rear-mounted coils once a year.

To remove dirt accumulation, you can use a brush or vacuum. Use hot soapy water to remove stubborn debris. Make sure that water will not be dripped on your True freezer components.

Door Seal

You have to test the freezer's door seal as a faulty door seal causes the freezer not to cool. If the seal is dirty, it simply needs to be cleaned. If the freezer's door is not sealed properly, it needs to be replaced or the door realigned.

Evaporator Coils

Generally, the defrost heater melts any frost that accumulates on the evaporator coils. If this frost is faulty, frost will continue to accumulate on the evaporation coils. You can test the heater with a multimeter for continuity. If it doesn't have continuity, you will have to replace the heater. In addition, dirty condenser coils may cause to not transfer heat or cold efficiently.


You can find the compressor at the bottom of the freezer. It emits a steady noise or humming sound that indicates that it is running. Clicking sound indicates that the compressor is overloaded or overrunning. If there is no clicking sound but your freezer is not cooling, then there may be an issue with the compressor or its components. So, you have to test each component and replace if it is defective. Also, check the start relay. If it smells burnt, it needs to be replaced.

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Condenser Fan Motor

Check if the condenser fan blades are rotating freely. It should be free from obstructions. Obstructions can stop the fan blades from spinning and motor bearings are worn out over time. Also, test the continuity of a fan motor with a multimeter. If it doesn't get the continuity, replace it to get back your freezer running.

Freezer Runs Continuously or Long

Check out the possible causes and fixes to your freezer running for a long time.

  • Shortage of refrigerant - Fix leakages if any are there. You have to charge the refrigerant if necessary.
  • Control contacts stuck or frozen closed - Clean control contacts or replace control.
  • Refrigerated or air-conditioned space has an excessive load or poor insulation - You need to check if there is excessive load.
  • The evaporator coil is iced - Defrost it.
  • Check if the condenser and filter are dirty.

Start Capacitor is Open/ Blown/ Shorted

Relay contacts - Check if the relay contacts are operating properly. If not, clean or replace if needed.

Low voltage, improper relay, or high starting load are the causes to this problem. Determine the reason and the need to correct it.

Excessive short cycling might be caused this issue. You can check the answer for short cycling in the True freezer manual.

Relay is Defective or Burned Out

  • You may have an improper size relay. Check and replace it if necessary.
  • The relay should be mounted at the correct angle.
  • Line voltage could be too high or too low.
  • Relay is being influenced by loose vibrating mounting. You have to remount it rigidly.
  • Incorrect run capacitor might be the reason behind this problem. So, you have to place the correct capacitor.

Suction Line Frosted or Sweating

  • Expansion valve passing excess refrigerant or is oversized - You need to readjust the valve or replace it with a smaller one.
  • Expansion valve stuck open - Clean the valve. Replace if necessary.
  • Check whether the evaporator fan is running or not.

True Freezer Stuck in Defrost Mode

If your freezer is stuck in the defrost cycle, you need to inspect the timer. A timer is the only component that controls defrost system. You can simply advance it out of defrosting.

Unplug your freezer from the outlet. Next, locate a small hole under the control panel and you will find a knob in the center of hole. Manually turn the knob in a clockwise direction. When you notice a loud click sound, it will be out of defrost and back in the normal cooling mode. Plug the unit back in and it should start operating.

Final Words

Hope this True  Freezer troubleshooting guide helps you more to get back your unit running effectively. However, the way you treat your freezer, it will treat you in return. So, you should follow the regular maintenance tips to eliminate basic and common True freezer problems.

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