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taylor soft serve machine troubleshooting

Taylor soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt machines are known for their quality, reliability, consistency, and convenience. But, they still require proper maintenance and frequent repair. Let's look at a few common Taylor soft serve machine problems. This guide is for operators to ensure their Taylor machine is well maintained and consistently produces the best ice cream products for their customers.

Taylor Soft Serve Machine Troubleshooting Guide

Here, you can check some issues with your Taylor soft serve ice machine, their possible causes, and remedies.

Bacterial Count Troubleshooting

  • Thoroughly clean and sanitize the soft serve machine regularly including complete disassembly and brush cleaning.
  • Clean the machine thoroughly by using all brushes provided. These brushes are specially build to reach all mix passageways.
  •  You need to use the white bristle brush to clean the mix inlet hole that extends from the hopper down to the rear of the freezing cylinder.
  • Use the black bristle brush to clean the rear shell bearing located at the rear of the freezing cylinder. Make sure to have a sufficient amount of cleaning solution on the brush.
  • If local health codes permit the use of rerun, make sure the mix rerun is stored in a sanitized, covered stainless steel container and use it in the following day. Do not prime the machine with a rerun. When using rerun, skim off the foam and discard. Mix the rerun with a fresh mix in a ratio of 50/50 during the days of operation.
  • On a designated day of the week, run the mix as low as possible and discard it after closing. This will break the rerun cycle and decrease the possibility of high bacteria and coliform counts.
  • Prepare the cleaning and sanitizing solutions properly. A too strong solution may damage the parts and a too weak solution won't do an adequate job of cleaning as well as sanitizing.
  • The temperature of the mix in the hopper and walk-in cooler should be below 40°F (4.4°C).

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No product is being dispensed with the draw valve open and the machine is in Auto mode

  • Freeze up in the mix inlet hole - Because of this mix inlet hole, you can get this problem. You have to adjust the mix hopper temperature to avoid issues.
  • Beater motor out on reset - If so, you should reset the freezer.
  • The beater is rotating counterclockwise from your end - You need to correct the rotation of the beater to clockwise from your side.
  • The circuit breaker is off or fuse has blown - Try resetting the breaker on. If the fuse has blown, replace it.
  • Inadequate mix in the hopper - Make sure to fill the hopper with sufficient mix.
  • Air orifice might not be installed - Install the air orifice in the air tube.

Product is too soft

  • To avoid this problem, you need to adjust the viscosity.
  • There will be no enough air space around the machine. Make sure to allow adequate airflow across the condenser.
  • Check for worn scraper blades. You will need to replace these blades regularly.
  • Clean the condenser once a month.
  • Check if the mix is out of date. Be sure, use fresh mix only.
  • There might be water loss. Find out the water leakage or any reason for water loss and correct it quickly.

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Mix is too warm in the mix hopper

  • Check whether the mix hopper temperature is out of adjustment. With the help of a technician, you should adjust the temperature of the mix hopper.
  • Missing or worn mix hopper gasket - Need to replace the gasket around the mix hopper.
  • Verify the mix hopper cover position and adjust it correctly.
  • If the mix light is not lit, ON it by pressing the MIX button.

Freezing cylinder walls are scored

Beater assembly could be bent - To correct the cause of insufficient mix in the freezing cylinder, repair or replace the beater.

Check if the front bearing is missed or worn on the freezer door. If either of these cases happens, you have to install or replace it with a new bearing.

No freezer operation after pressing the AUTO button

  • The machine is unplugged - Plug into the wall outlet.
  • Problem with circuit breaker or fuse - If the circuit breaker is tripped, reset it. The blown fuse might be caused. Replace the fuse if it has blown.
  • Beater motor is out on reset - You have to reset the freezer.

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Taylor Soft Serve Machine Regular Maintenance Checks

  1. Replace scraper blades that are damaged or nicked. Make sure that scraper blades are properly attached to the helix before installing the beater assembly.
  2. Inspect the rear shell bearing for signs of excessive mix leakage in a rear drip pan. It should be cleaned properly.
  3. Keep the rear shell bearing and 3/4 hex drive coupling clean and free of lubricant as well as mix deposits.
  4. Check O-rings and seals. If they are worn or fit too loosely, replace them with new ones.
  5. Follow all lubricating procedures given in the owner's manual.
  6. If your soft serve machine is air-cooled, you have to check the condensers for the accumulation of dirt and lint. As dirty condensers reduce the capacity and efficiency of a machine, you should clean the condensers monthly with a soft brush.
  7. If your machine is equipped with an air filter, it's important to vacuum clean the filters on a monthly schedule.


Hope this Taylor soft serve machine troubleshooting guide helped you to save money and time. However, proper maintenance is the key to every machine to prevent problems. You can visit to buy genuine repair or replacement Taylor soft serve machine parts.

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